Important question for PM Mitchell!!!

Please permit me a space in your weekly newspaper to ask this very important question to the Minister of Finance, who is also the P.M. Sir, why you will not address the very important issue of the minimum wage? It has been almost ten years since the people who earned minimum wage have not received an increase in their wages and the cost of living is rising every day. Sir, if you say you care for the poor people of Grenada how come in almost twenty years as PM of this country you only address the issue of minimum wage … Continue reading

Can Chocolate save Cocoa Association or local Cocoa Industry?

This article is an attempt to give a completely new approach to the Sales and Marketing of Grenada Fine Flavour Cocoa by the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) in order to save the GCA if emphasis is on Chocolate. From now on emphasis must be on Chocolate NOT on cocoa beans in crocus bags. As I write, I am reminded of the Quotation in the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” – (Proverbs 29: 18) it is from this foregoing that I write. After my experience on Thursday, July 27, 2017 at … Continue reading

Undemocratic and autocratic leader!!!

It would be quite remise of me if I didn’t take the time off to comment on the recent developments on the political front in “Pure” Grenada. Firstly, I would like to commend the editors of last weekend’s newspapers. After reading most of them I breathed a sigh of relief…All is not lost!! There are a “few” individuals who can still be classified as persons who can see the bigger picture in certain circumstances and who did not wallow in gossip and derogatory statements especially after “The unmasking of the Mask man”. It was quite unfortunate that our people had … Continue reading

Venezuela under attack

TRUMP THREATENS THE HOMELAND OF BOLIVAR Open letter to the Grenadian public from the Government of Venezuela On Monday, July 17th, the government of the U.S. President Donald Trump issued an unbelievable communiqué threatening Venezuela with “strong and prompt” economic sanctions if elections are held next July 30th to elect the members of the National Constituent Assembly. At the height of the absurd, Mr. Trump’s government condemns the holding of free and democratic elections in Venezuela, which will be carried out under the authority of the National Electoral Council, as contemplated by our legal system. The U.S. government is accustomed … Continue reading

Imani – A Poverty Trap

On the face of it, the Imani programme is a great idea. In fact, if executed without political considerations, the entire nation will benefit from it. The sad reality is that the NNP is using youth unemployment and general poverty as a weapon to help it stay in power. The main focus of the programme is the stipend, rather than the training. Many young people receive the stipend without having to report to work or training sessions. Once they get used to a regular income, they lose the incentive to seek long term employment and become reliant on government for … Continue reading

Joke for NNP is death for Grenada

The NNP’s electoral victories have come at a terrible cost to Grenada. The party has developed a simple formula for winning: maintain a large army of “poor and vulnerable”, feed them a steady diet of hope, based on false promises, and every now and then, give them a little handout when they start to get restless. Then there is a group of facilitators in the business and intellectual communities, who provide the finance and give an air of respectability to the regime. While NNP has won 4 elections with this recipe, the evidence shows that Grenada has suffered tremendously under … Continue reading

Strange deaths this election season!!!

The Grenada Christian Political Party asks the question – why are there so many strange and questionable deaths occurring in this election season and election year? It seems to be a trend. The talk on the street is that every election season a certain political party and politicians dive deep into the underworld, obeah, witchcraft and Satanism to become successful at the polls. It is said that they indulge in bathing in blood and all other sorts of dark practices to achieve their goals. One of this practice is human sacrifice or what we commonly call, selling of souls to … Continue reading

Convoluted article on the pensions (disqualification) Act

Sir Lawrence A. Joseph, constitutional lawyer and consultant to the government of Dr. Keith Mitchell’s New National Party (NNP), inquires in his July’s public writing, “Is the Pensions (Disqualification) Act Valid?” Joseph then answered his question by stating that the Act (PDA) became clothed with validity as from the date on which the Confirmation of Validity Act was gazetted, which was 22 February 1985. He further asserts that section 92(2)(b) of the Constitution envisages that the PDA could only affect persons who were appointed to the public service after 22 February 1985. That is; the Act disqualifies those officers (a … Continue reading

Surviving the end of the world!!!

The question posed above is very worthy of consideration. Who would not want to survive when this world ends? The world’s end does not mean the end of the Earth. Psalm 37:9, 11 say that those who “wait on the Lord (the meek) shall inherit the earth” and “delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” Jesus agreed with these Scriptures when he said at Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Also, Ecclesiastes 1:4 tells us that “the earth abideth FOREVER,” in contrast to a generation that does not last forever. What will the end … Continue reading

As directed by the Heavenly Father:

Pleasant greetings to our fellow Grenadian brothers and sisters at home and abroad. I am here conveying four mesages from many messages revealed in dreams from our Heavenly Father to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Long ago a few persons had access to the scriptures, at a later stage more persons got access to bibles and read the word. Today even atheists can shop and purchase bibles, having the word before their eyes and in their hands – could anyone hinder the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s word? Over ten years ago during 2005 I was sent … Continue reading