The wrong move!!!

As someone who supported the NNP since 1984 and still support our party, I have to vent my feelings on the manner in which Peter David was named as the Caretaker for the Town of St. George constituency. My sister is a member of the constituency branch and told me that there was no vote or consultation on the appointment of Mr. David to take over from the Hon. Nickolas Steele who was doing a good job. We are sure that if election was held that Mr. Steele would have won the contest hands down over Mr. Peter David who … Continue reading

The Forbidden Fruit

Over and over you may hear someone say, “Eve picked the APPLE …”  Was the forbidden fruit really the APPLE? Being a fan, I love to research Scriptural topics there. At Genesis 2:17, God told Adam that he must NOT eat from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”. This verse did NOT say what kind of tree or fruit it was. In replying to the serpent, Eve simply said as Genesis 3:3 records, “the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden”. Eve did NOT identify the type of fruit. Revelation 12:9 … Continue reading

A rampant Diva Culture

When we give them the Government, somethings happen to us!   For the last forty years, whether NJM or NNP or NDC, we have been chasing donkeys; getting things wrong more often than right. Today, we are surrounded by a distressing, un-productive diva culture where significant sections of the population ‘live light and weigh heavy’! Tomorrow, Grenadians will pay a price for this deception. Every imaginable type of poverty exists, but the victims do little to lift themselves because there are sources of supply and temporary relief. Various ‘hands of supply’ appear to take care of cell phone, dress code and … Continue reading

Conman in the media!!!

I would like the public to be aware of a prominent radio personality who goes around asking people for monies borrow. In 2015, I loaned him some monies, unknowing his character. In fact, he said to me that he is a good person and gave me the names of two reputable Bishops of Evangelical churches in Grenada and a high ranking police officer in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) whom he said can vouch that he is a good person. He even brought me to one of the Bishops who signed as witness to some of the monies lent. … Continue reading

Grenada Won on April 8th 2017

I attended the Grenada Invitational on Saturday the 8th of April at Queen’s Park with my two daughters and a group of friends. We arrived at 1.00 p.m. and left at 10.00 p.m, fully satisfied with the entire program. On our arrival, access to the facility was easy, and we were greeted by a group of properly attired ushers, and volunteers who were polite and helpful to everyone. We got to our seats, drew in our breaths, and looked down collectively at the spanking new stadium that lay before us with a sense of pride and appreciation bordering on awe. … Continue reading

Shut up or go away!!!

I was horrified at a News report on GBN radio on Tuesday 11th April, wherein it was reported that Grenada’s Foreign Minister, Hon. Elvin Nimrod declared at a recent ceremony marking 40 years of relations with the Republic of Venezuela that Grenada would stand with Venezuela “No matter what”! Is the Minister an Imbecile, or just a gutter whore and prostitute? Does the Minister realise what he said and the implications of that statement? Or does it not matter? Minister, here is a quote you should familiarise yourself with “it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, … Continue reading

Reject E Government

I have been writing about the mark of the beast in Grenada and it’s here. I have been the voice in the wilderness against this evil deed. This N.N.P government has stepped up on its implementation by taking the Mark of the Beast to the next level. This N.N.P government is now talking E Government to connect all ministries, schools etc. electronically by computer the internet etc. through broadband from Digicel. This N.N.P Government and the past N.D.C Government seem to be bent on selling the souls of the Grenadian people, careless if it’s the Mark of the Beast or … Continue reading

NNP must go!!!

For years it has been an open secret that all of the social safety net programmes run by the NNP regime are riddled with corruption. No lesser person than Anthony Boatswain, former Finance Minister, called in to the Sundays With George Grant programme after the NNP defeat in 2008, to advise the NDC government to review these programmes because of rampant irregularities. It is a bit strange, therefore, to see the sudden flurry of investigations into corrupt practices within the debushing, beach cleaning and housing programmes, especially in St. Patrick West. Minister Bowen’s claim that nothing could be done before … Continue reading

Things that bothers me

Since the relevant authority moved the Home for the Aged from Grand Anse to Calliste, it is noticeable that no one was observing how dangerous the environment has became for these poor senior citizens. The government has concreted a piece of road leaving out a part that is directly in front of the Home  for the Aged. There is a construction site only a few hundred feet away and heavy vehicles often travelling in that area. Imagine all these heavy vehicle right in front this home with a constant breeze blowing the dirt directly onto these senior  citizens home thus … Continue reading

London has Green Eyes

It would have been unpardonable if our National Flag did not have green as a core colour depicting the healthy vegetation that clads and soothes our habitat. Virtually every school assigns green as the colour of one of its Houses into which students are grouped for purposes of socialisation, sports and other forms of competition. At the GBSS, Hughes’ House is green and at PBC, Dominican House is green. At the AHS, Walton House is green and at the Convent, Javouhey House is green. One supposes that its presence is simply natural. While there is obvious pride in being a … Continue reading