Does the term “Elohim” prove that God is a Trinity?

One definition for the term “Elohim” is, “a term used for God frequently in the Hebrew Bible.” Elohim is considered plural. Hence, some believers in the Trinity (three persons making up one God) love to use that term, Elohim, to prove the Trinity, saying that since it is plural, it must refer to God existing in three persons, three being plural. But we rightly ask: What is Elohim the plural for? Is it the plural for persons, or the plural for God? Elohim is the plural for God, NOT the plural for persons. So using Elohim to prove the Trinity … Continue reading


In keeping with the late  George  Brizan’s  book  entitled,  “Nutmeg – Grenada’s  Black Gold”, this  paper now goes  on  to designate  the  GCNA as  Grenada’s  Gold Mine and gives  Eleven (11) ways  that the  Nutmeg Association  can be Grenada’s goldmine. They include: (1) Changing GCNA’s Marketing  and Sales Policy to supply  directly the Main END USERS of Grenada Nutmeg, (2) Developing A National  Spice Grinding  Plant, (3)Establishing Grenada  Nutmeg as a FOOD, (4) GCNA merged with the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA), (5) Adding value to ALL Nutmeg and Mace end products, (6)Nutmeg Growers must own GCNA’s $66 million Assets, (7) … Continue reading

Give Venezuela a Chance?

Dr. Marryshow entitled his article in the May 19th edition of The Grenada Informer, “Give Venezuela a Chance”. Clearly he means give Maduro a chance because the people of Venezuela are making it very clear that they want Maduro OUT! In this article Marryshow reveals that he was invited by Maduro to Caracas on May 12th as part of a delegation from the Eastern Caribbean to attend consultations on Maduro’s proposed “constituent assembly”. Now why should a Grenadian medical general practitioner be invited by a foreign government to partake in discussions regarding matters that concern Venezuelans and Venezuelans only? Marryshow … Continue reading

Clearing up Policy and Development

These two terms are very popular in the discourse on national issues and they are used heavily as tools of the trade by those looking for votes. Interestingly, both of these require a level of discipline and commitment to fulfil the business of the nation. As usually found in the practice of ‘tricks and traps’, both concepts have been bastardised.  Some politicians are talented at using words to impress and persuade people, examples: “the policy of this party is to move the country forward” and “this party is serious about the development of Grenada”! Loud pronouncements while ‘chasing the donkey’! … Continue reading

Answers are in the Questions

Why weren’t the Grenadian people allowed to vote for Independence? Why did the Gairy government believe that because they were voted into office, the people agreed with ALL of their ideas? Was that particular election rigged? Why was the Gairy government so insistent on independence, even to the point of denying the Grenadian people the right to vote for such? Why did the New Jewel Movement state that they had 19,000 votes (46% of eligible voters) opposing Independence? Why did Herbert Blaize agree to possible Independence ONLY upon a vote from the Grenadian people? Why were the groups that opposed … Continue reading

CXC pressure and the school system

It’s popular among secondary schools to have children write 10 or more subjects at one time. There is great rejoicing when children pass all these with distinctions. But does anyone stop to observe what happens in the lives of some of these children who are exposed to such pressure? Many become isolated as they sit at the computer for long hours. You could even see the tiredness in their eyes and the glare on their sad faces. They have no time to assist with household duties because they are either too busy or too tired. They may not even notice … Continue reading

Too copy cat

The NNP, NDC and the other political parties are too copycat and follow fashion. Everything big countries, the world bodies and the international community say have to be done they swallowing hook line and sinker. They seem not to stop and think if they fit our customs, traditions, culture and Christian values etc. They jumping on board with it. So, the world community says we should legalise gay marriage and homosexuality and the ruling power try to slip it into the recent referendum to become part of the then to be reformed constitution. They say we must abolish the death … Continue reading

Fashion and Passion, Persona and Colour

These words individually and collectively stir a family of emotional chords in people. They message to people’s natural desire for peace and happiness; belonging and freedom! The connection is soulful and the identification is bold. When those chords are struck by leadership that ‘touches down’ on people, the music is enjoyable; inspiration flows and the relationship is rewarding. What are we pointing towards? Barring crisis conditions, people will consistently engage politics and elections from a cultural perspective. The majority are decisively motivated by feelings and interests, not rationality. Recognise the importance of two fundamentals in the relationship between politician and … Continue reading

Plight of Haiti

Have some pity for Haiti, Please! At times, you may hear statements such as, “The people in Haiti are too wicked! They doing too much iniquity! So they have to suffer! Good for them!” True, God does not approve of any form of iniquity/spiritism. Deuteronomy18:10 – 12; Revelation 21:8. However, does this mean that we must condemn all Haitians and view them as wicked? Would every Haitian be involved in iniquity? Does it mean that we must not be concerned at all about disasters that affect Haitians? Are we aware of the level of suffering many Haitians experience? For example, … Continue reading

No money for NNP!!!

I am making a public declaration to all the people of Grenada that the last four years have resulted in me changing my affiliation with the Prime Minister and the New National Party (NNP) which got my support over the years. Herbert Blaize was not my kind of person although the NNP got my vote in 1984. As a conscious Grenadian, no way would Eric Gairy and GULP could have gotten the votes of not only me but my entire family. Gairy did good things for the country but also a number of nasty things. We jumped for joy with … Continue reading