Jehovah’s Witnesses and Blood!

I heard the woman saying to two Jehovah’s Witness (JWs) ladies who were preaching in her area, “You all go your way because if I want blood to live, you all won’t give me!” The Witness ladies were willing to explain their stand on blood and why but the woman was not willing to converse. Personally, I believe that if an accusation is made against someone, that person should be given the opportunity to defend himself/herself. Acts 28:22 reveals that it is wise to find out from the source itself, why they do or not do something, as I have … Continue reading

Keithism has to come to an end!!!

A transparent and unbiased analysis of Grenada will reveal that the country is in a state of hopelessness. And given that we are a resilient and warm people, we suppress the frustrations formed as a result of this hopelessness. The people I speak of are the people who I have labeled as Grenada’s ‘rejectables’ – those who are not affiliated with the NNP or any other political party and those who are politically involved with the NDC. These people are sidelined for job opportunities by the government and even the private sector as they are weeded out of the social … Continue reading

Is Sen. Cox in the mix of things?

One must admit in the analysis of our current political discourse that there are going to be more questions than answers. This can never be more relevant now as we are in imminent election year or so we think. Different constituents and Parliamentary Representatives are always going to be assessed, analysed and public scores are going to be applied accordingly. The constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique and its Parliamentary Representative Hon. Elvin Nimrod is one such person that is under heavy scrutiny as it relates to his performance and connection with the people in his constituency, especially the youths. … Continue reading

History will never be on your side!

When I heard the news about Tevin Andrews, the NDC Caretaker for Carriacou and Petite Martinique, I said to myself no to the return of political violence and the vandalism of private and public property in our country! Political violence and vandalism of people’s private or public property have no room and place to return in our country. Our history it is riddled with such as history will show due to the political violence of the 1970s and 80s in which we had revolution and executions that led to invasion and serious divisions in our country. And today because of … Continue reading

Gone but never forgotten

The Saint George’s Cemetery at Cemetery Hill particularly the middle section is badly in need of regular clean up. The grass is left for too long to reach up to one’s knee and waist most of the time. When one visits that section of the cemetery, it ends up being a battle with scratching and itching.  It is very painful and a disappointment for people who want to visit graves of loved ones for whatever reason. Some people do that on birthdays, anniversary or on Mother’s and Father’s day or just to lay flowers in memory of their loved ones. … Continue reading

Dark clouds hovering around

As a true member of the NNP, I am beginning for the first time to get worried about our chances in the next general election. The problem for me is not Nazim Burke and the NDC but the way in which my party is handling things. A lot of our supporters might not vote because of how they have been treated by some of the MPs in a few of the constituencies. Take for instance St. David’s, the MP, Mr. Joseph has a lot of work to do to catch up with Persuader because of neglect. This man might be … Continue reading

Fundamental rights and freedom!!!

After so many years of enjoying and learning more about their rights and freedom, Grenadians are today experiencing a total contrast and something very opposite to that. Could you imagine that the policymakers have trampled upon the fundamental rights and freedom of the people directly with the Camerhogne park issue. Why have the people of this country been disrespected to the lowest level? Now I am in disbelief when I attempted to visit Quarantine Point to see a huge iron gate with two securities standing guard and telling me that no one is allowed to visit the park on Friday … Continue reading

The death trap!!!

Ms. Arlene Buckmire-Outram Permanent Secretary Ministry of Tourism Botanical Gardens St. George’s February 3, 2017 Dear Ms. Outram, Stop the Statistics In this letter I will endeavor to be very brief. Umer Rashid was 26 when the incident happened in April 2002 Mohammed Rashid was 18 years when the incident happened in April 2002Kareem Smith was 21 years when the incident happened in September 2016Travis Alexander was 26 years when the incident happened in September 2016 These were all young vibrant men of steel losing their life as a result of “PURE’ negligence on the part of the government of … Continue reading


Who is this man? This is a very interesting question and it is proper timing for such a question to be asked.  Was that question ever asked before or did any person or persons had the opportunity to answer such a question or did they had the opportunity of identifying such an individual. I want to shed some light and bring clarity on the identity of this individual, Mr. V. Nazim Burke,  a Senator for the main opposition party, as well as a practicing lawyer, husband, father and a Grenadian. We all know that so much have been said in … Continue reading

Nazim or Peter for Prime Minister!!!

February 7, 2017, saw Grenada celebrating its 43rd anniversary of Independence in a rather low-keyed and uninspiring fashion. The two female TV presenters were very poor in their commentary. The absence of an assuring male voice was opportunity missed at a time when the nation is in desperate need of some hope. Grenada celebrated its 43rd anniversary of independence as the country grapples with serious political, economic and social challenges. The independence speech by Prime Minister Mitchell was the worst I have ever heard in the past ten years. The Prime Minister seems to lack the energy, motivation or passion. … Continue reading