The sister of Maurice Bishop?

Ellen Bishop-Spielman claims to be Maurice Bishop’s sister. In fact, she was adopted by Maurice Bishop’s parents and has never been mentioned by Maurice’s sisters to me nor by Maurice although I only saw him on rare occasions. A contemporary tells me he can remember this rather precocious teenager who somewhat scandalised the straight-laced bourgeoisie of the period by taking part in some film. That may have been the beginning of her career in films. Well, she has re-appeared in Grenada of late, selling herself to all and sundry as Maurice Bishop’s sister. She runs an outfit calling itself the … Continue reading


It is time that we Caribbean people of African descent get to realise that the steel band movement is not just about music, but mainly the significance of a story dating back centuries ago, that has a spiritual linkage with our fore parents who passed on over these years and those of us that are alive today. You see this story started with the drums on the plantation in different countries of the Western Hemisphere back in the 18th century, then in the 1920’s came the advent of the Bamboo-Tamboo in Trinidad followed by the steel band in the 1930’s, … Continue reading

Sealey: ‘I offer myself’

On the 24thAugust 2017 the nation was pleasantly informed by newcomer and now caretaker for St. Andrew North East on an NNP ticket, Kate Lewis that she offered herself to be caretaker and possible candidate for that constituency. That news broke on GBN television News that night. It was confirmed by Minister Bhola in a quote in the New Today edition on 25th August 2017 page 11, when he was quoted as saying “we are excited that Kate has come forward”. That led me as a thinker and opposition to start thinking. I am Derick Sealey, founder of the Grenada … Continue reading

The male abuser!!!

“Women Don’t Suffer in Silence, Stand up, Speak Out Against Verbal and Physical Abuse”. I am dedicating this article to my good friend who had the courage to walk away from (12) years of marriage and physical abuse. She suffered in silence and no one knew but her young children that saw when the abuse was taking place. If you get a man to physically abuse his wife in front of his kids, he has to be a hardcore criminal. I’m urging all women who are facing verbal and physical abuse from their spouses, boyfriend and husbands to please report … Continue reading

Bought Twice and the Right to my ‘EGO’

Two Saturdays ago a very respectable lady, a Queen’s honouree, encouraged me to keep on writing the truth. Eighty years of experience led her to say that some will want to ‘kill’ me for expressing my opinions publicly. Nevertheless, I should fear not, she said. I do NOT fear! Being out-spoken, I expect others to disagree with me on the issues. However, the most caustic responses have come from some who disagree with me purely on political grounds. Supposedly, they cannot challenge on the merits so the attack is on my person and my personal affairs. Now I am no … Continue reading

Dissatisfied customer

Dear Flow, The provision of your services is very important to us, your customers. Your organisation owns the monopoly on our landline and internet services and as such, you ought to be aware of our vulnerable position from which you control us. Such control, without proper redress for very poor services, extortionate prices, poor accounting methods, and the fact that LIME was either forced or bribed into becoming an affiliated sector of your organisation without proper facilities in place to support your customers, highlight the lack of concern and the lack of respect Flow shows its customers. That we are … Continue reading

Is the NNP government responsible for the increase in rape crimes?

Although Grenada can be called “a democracy” it has made no progress when it comes to reforming its criminal justice system. The court system stinks and it’s not dedicated to the protection of children. Why has the moral character of our society deteriorated to such an extent? In this process of moral degeneration in our Grenadian society, what role does each of us play? Is the Keith C. Mitchell government encouraging or preventing this trend? A rape survivor’s worst nightmare is having to face their attacker in court, and come in contact with the person who changed their life forever. … Continue reading


I am not one given to writing in the newspapers, but after viewing the Queen Show on Thursday and hearing the results, I feel compelled to put my thoughts to paper. Last year when Miss St. George won the Queen Show, she achieved excellence in all categories. It was a foregone conclusion then, in everyone’s mind, even before the results were announced, that she had won and indeed she did win! It would have been inconceivable and incomprehensible if, after achieving “best” in all categories, someone else was declared the winner. The situation in this year’s Queen Show is very … Continue reading

Open Letter to Eddie Frederick

I read your article of praise for Bernard Coard’s “The Grenada Revolution- What Really Happened,” published in The New Today of Fri. Sept. 01st, 2017. I must confess that I have not read the book as yet, only reviews, as a result, I cannot comment informatively on its contents. However, allow me to comment on your article and not on the contents of Comrade Coard’s book itself. That would come later. Mr. Frederick, before March 13, 1979, I felt I had ample reason to help overthrow E.M. Gairy and create a society that would promote and safeguard the interest of … Continue reading

Keith is expired goods!!!

Election is once again in the air and I am calling on the Grenadian public to wise up and stop allowing the Keith Mitchell regime to take us for a ride again. It bleeds my heart to see the state at which Keith Mitchell has brought our people. After twenty three years as Prime Minister this so-called leader has nothing else to offer our people especially our young people…nothing other than a two weeks contract to cut bush on the side of the road! He tried to put it nicely and call it” The debushing programme” but we need to … Continue reading