New infrastructure is needed

One of the most common problems one finds in a democracy is Politician’s inability to plan long-term and this in itself cost countries dearly. The fact is that money is usually wasted on short-term fix as government plans are usually based on a four or five-year cycle with re-election in mind. Grenada is no different in this regard. When the current government came to power over 4 years ago the country’s finances were in a mess (the Treasury was empty). In the preceding months, the administration was either raiding the National Insurance funds or borrowing from local banks to pay … Continue reading

Terry Marryshow at it again!!!

Once again it’s October and out come all Marryshow’s fantasies about something he never knew, because for almost the duration of the revolution he was not in Grenada. He can only depend on what others tell him. He writes, “a process which was making a tremendous difference in the lives of the Grenadian people”. How can he know what a difference it made if he was not here? Surely free secondary education did make a tremendous difference in their lives but for other Grenadians being thrown in prison without trial, tortured and sometimes killed made a tremendous difference in their … Continue reading

Over 60 in the service!!!

It is very interesting to see so many over 60 aged old persons occupying jobs at the Ministry of Finance. What is more interesting is that they are performing duties that anyone can do. There is no specialty in what they are doing. So why are these people there when an attrition policy is in place and there is a reluctance to appoint in the Public Service. Hungry Eye

Dustbin of history

Earlier this year, our brothers and sisters in Ghana, West Africa, pulled down a statue of the late P.M. Ghandi from their University, following pressure from the public who thought Ghandi was a racist who supported the apartheid system in South Africa. The following is a quote by Ghandi, he said, “Kafirs (black) are as a rule uncivilised convicts even more so. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals”. Ghandi – March 7, 1908. As a person of African heritage, is this the kind of person whose bust should be placed any-where among our people? What has … Continue reading

The Needle Never Moved!!!

Grenada’s Ambassador to Moscow during the Revolution was a professor named Richard Jacob who once described a member of his diplomatic staff as “irredeemably dull”! Jacob of the Old Testament made a ‘coat of many colours’ for his favourite son, Joseph, who was immeasurably brilliant! Last Sunday, the NDC leader seemed irredeemably lost in a ‘cloak of many words’! He talked and talked, but never moved the needle! Evidently, Burke is well able to eloquently describe the worst of the human condition in Grenada! However, for concrete solutions to the very problems, knock someone else’s door. Conditions of lacking in … Continue reading

Is Peter David a soulless bête noire?

Grenada’s New National Party (NNP) government has been teetering on the verge of collapse since Prime Minister Keith Mitchell brought into his green house a man whom he openly accused of being allegedly corrupt, and whom he said had committed fraudulent activities in the US. Prime Minister Mitchell held up documents in Grenada’s Parliament and he said he had the proof in his hands. He even spoke about how Peter David went with a gun to arrest his father. Yet knowing all this, Mitchell embraced and brought him into the political party. Peter David even called Mitchell “a political opportunist, … Continue reading


A correspondent bank (CB) is a financial institution that provides services on behalf of another, equal or unequal, financial institution. It can facilitate wire transfers, conduct business transactions, accept deposits and gather documents on behalf of another financial institution. Correspondent banks are most likely to be used by domestic banks to service transactions that either originate or are completed in foreign countries, acting as a domestic bank’s agent abroad. Over the last five (5) years, a number of international banks have restricted or ended their relationship with the region due to concerns about money laundering, fraud and terrorist financing and … Continue reading

Looking back at the 1970’s

There have been a lot of talk about who caused the revolution and who was to be blamed for the Revolution. It has taken me sometime to give my version of what really took place in the year 1973 to 1979. There was a newspaper called the JEWEL – this newspaper was published by the late Sebastian Thomas and Teddy Victor. This newspaper was widely read because of its content. When the ambitious young lawyer decided to form a political party, he used the newspaper as his party’s newspaper. In 1973, the New Jewel Movement was formed – there were … Continue reading

U.S. Needs (More) Doctors Without Borders

Patients hoping to make their visit to the hospital an easy one should request a doctor educated abroad. That’s the conclusion of a recent study from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Researchers found that Medicare patients treated by international medical graduates had better survival rates than those treated by U.S.-trained doctors. It’s only the latest entry into a large body of research proving the value of internationally trained doctors to the U.S. health care system. And we need many more of them. The United States faces a significant shortage of physicians, especially in rural and other underserved areas. … Continue reading

GCPP plans in government!!!

Call it what you want – manifesto, policy paper, plans, promises etc. It’s what a Grenada Christian Political Party government will do when in office. GCPP motto is; Only Good, No Evil. Our mission statement is: To rescue Grenada from the mark of the Beast systems, and all other evils through governance of national repentance and righteousness, preparing its people to meet their creator. Our vision is to establish a Christian country free from the mark of the beast systems where righteousness, holiness and peace abounds and the people are prepared to meet their creator. It will be irresponsible and … Continue reading