The Four letter word

The Stonewalling psyche is always in pursuit of new knowledge, but the university scene has its elitist clique who emerges from behind those sacred walls with oodles of learning and unmatched brilliant ideas beyond the reach of the grassroots like Kit. Attention is therefore turned to a more accessible, affordable and pragmatic learning centre: Grenada Grog and Rum-shop University (GGRU), to which many including the feeble and not so feeble of mind gravitate. Although it pales in contrast to the age of scholarly debates at The People’s University of Woodford Square founded by the late scholar, author, historian, educator, political … Continue reading

Vote NNP for corruption, unemployment and poverty

It has been four years since the Grenadian electorate voted Keith Mitchell and the NNP back into office; the glitz and glamour of the 2013 election campaign has long passed. Keith Mitchell and his NNP have failed to deliver on the many promises made to the Grenadian people. The thousands of jobs promised have not materialised and today Grenada has the highest unemployment in the Caribbean. This is a damning indictment on the performance of the Prime Minister and his administration. If one is to believe the Prime Minister when he says that this is the best Cabinet that he … Continue reading

Thick cloud of suspicion’ at Electoral Office

Her Excellency Dame Cecile E. F. La Grenade Governor General Office of the Governor General Point Salines St. George’s February 24th 2017 May it please Your Excellency, Re: Mass- Termination of Registration Officers of the Parliamentary Elections Office I am constrained, as leader of one of two main political parties in Grenada, to register with you the absolute horror and disbelief of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and indeed, the collective dismay and disappointment of many decent and law-abiding Grenadians, over the decision to terminate en-mass, and with immediate effect, the appointment of as many as  ten (10) Registration Officers … Continue reading

Continued Registration

The scheme, strategies and devices of Satan are on the move again as compulsory registration by law will be enacted to make registration for national health insurance compulsory for all. This is also an election year and the expired politicians vying for power in this country are calling on all unregistered persons to get register. They are expired because they are all practicing sinners. We need practicing holy and righteous men now to take Grenada across the finishing line of mankind era. They are not divinely inspired to know that it is the Mark of the Beast they are asking … Continue reading

Done in my own deliberate judgment

Governor-General’s House, GRENADA 2nd March, 2017 Sen. The Hon. V. Nazim Burke Political Leader, National Democratic Congress Tyrrel House H.A. Blaize Street ST. GEORGE’S Dear Senator Burke, Re. Non-Renewal of Employment Contracts of Certain Registration Officers I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 24th February 2017, which was received on the 27th instant. Your letter inaccurately stated that the employment contracts of ten (10) registration officers were recently terminated. I herein confirm that the annual employment contracts of eight registration officers were not renewed. This was done in my own deliberate judgment in accordance with section 29 (1) and section … Continue reading

Sticking a Pin on… before we vote

The Constitution provides for the prorogation of Parliament in given circumstances. It does not provide for pre-empting the voter or pirating the vote in any circumstances! Section 32 of the Constitution provides for a system involving registration, entitlement and the privacy of the voter. Notice the tie back to rights and freedoms concerning individual expression, conscience and liberty, broadly defined. These arrangements must be followed before and in order that we elect a Parliament and form an Executive. So, before Parliament and before Cabinet, the people must vote. The Executive is given responsibility for “the business of government” and ministers … Continue reading

Funeral or Bacchanal?

Some would say, “It has become part of our culture – drumming and dancing at a funeral!” Sadly,  in many cases, whining and other vulgar body movements have become part of funerals. Come on!  Persons have lost a loved one in death, the worst enemy of mankind. 1 Corinthians 15:26. It is a very sad occasion, a time when relatives and friends cry out loudly. Ecclesiastes 12:5. Jesus himself demonstrated such deep sadness when he cried at the death of his friend Lazarus. John 11:35.  Imagine, Jesus was going to bring Lazarus back to life, which he did later on, … Continue reading

Dr Tax – the man without vision!!!

The topic of political vision has become NNP’S latest propaganda tool. In a recent advert by the NNP on GBN and other media houses, the NNP claimed that the NDC has no vision, but this NNP bunch of misfits should be the last to call anyone else visionless since they are being led by a leader who lack political vision. This leader now has nothing left to promise and is forcing the NNP now to try to make such claim in the first case. Dr. Keith Mitchell who I would like to call Dr. Tax has been in Parliament for … Continue reading

The spread of the corruption virus!!!

In the last two decades or so, this nation of ours has been able to hold its own on the world’s stage in sports, academia, and, on platforms like the Chelsea Flower show, outperform the rest of the world. Gold medals have been ours, a tiny nation of approximately one hundred & ten thousand people. It seems that we continue to attain those heights even in our civil lives, with information recently transforming what has been long-standing rumours into a present day fact with the revelation of our rating on the corruption index Time after time the grapevine has been … Continue reading

Poor and exposed!!!

Friends, countrymen, Grenadians, men of my own country greetings. As your countryman, I write once again, but before I get on to my topic, I will quote from an old saying, “when we are poor you are exposed” having noticed the challenges we are faced with in this dear land of ours. Today it is incumbent upon me to write about one of our utility companies the one which supplies water. Since the introduction of the metering system, this utility company began to take advantage on its consumers and nothing has been said about it. I will go on to … Continue reading