Lessons for road accidents!!!

There has been another accident and tragedy on Calivigny Main Road. While we are saddened and grieved, there are many lessons to be learned and quickly from what has been happening there. Something has to be done now to make the road more safe given the number of serious accidents/ deaths in recent years. Just a glimpse at the road accident statistics would confirm that the Calivigny main road, and in particular the stretch of road between The Gospel Hall and the small bridge at the junction with Confer Road, before Fort Jeudy, is the most dangerous stretch of road … Continue reading

Discussions are needed!!!

MUSEUM ? There is no MUSEUM !  There are signs in and around the Esplanade Mall directing visitors to the Grenada National MUSEUM.  There is a sign near the mouth of Sendall Tunnel directing persons to the National MUSEUM. There is a sign on the Antilles Building, on the corner of Young Street and Monckton Street which says that it is THE GRENADA NATIONAL MUSEUM. There is a letter from the Ministry of Culture to the Administrators of the Grenada National MUSEUM, asking them to submit an inventory of the artifacts in their possession! But; there is no MUSEUM !  … Continue reading

Grenada need explanations

I am calling on brother Stanford Simon of the St.George’s Baptist Church to explain to the nation from the scriptures standpoint what happened during the swearing in ceremony of the NDC in 2008 during the rain thunder and lightening that sealed his prayer concerning the nation. A careful explanation is required on what was responsible for breaking the Heavenly Father’s seal for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique to be developed by 110 thousand of us through the National Democratic Congress?  Did you drop the ball?  Were you spiritually aware of what transpired?  This request would be handed to you and … Continue reading


Directed to and deserving of a sincere pledge by the following persons : i.               The Government of Grenada, for urgent enactment. ii.             The main Opposition party and other political bodies, for immediate action upon forming the Government. iii.            The Labour Representative in Parliament, for the tabling of a Private Bill. iv.            The Grenada Association of Retired Persons, and the others, for advocacy. Considering that receipt of pensions is a constitutional entitlement for retired Government Officers; Considering that pensions, as a reduced income due to age, health and invalidity challenges, provide for social and economic welfare; Considering that increases in pensions … Continue reading

GCPP requests support of Pastors, Bishops & Priests

To:  Pastors, Bishops and Priests Of all Christian Churches Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique Dear brothers and sister in Christ, grace and peace. I greet you in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I am requesting yours and your congregation full support in the upcoming general election soon to be called here in Grenada. I am also requesting your full support in other actions and activities, the Grenada Christian Political Party (G.C.P.P) will take this election year. G.C.P.P is your true political party. Brothers and Sisters by now you should be fully aware of the time … Continue reading

Nip It In The Bud

There seems to be a worrying societal development raising its ugly head in Grenada. This problem was witnessed courtesy of a video that was circulated on social media recently, showing a group of young men in the “Wall street” area visibly obstructing police officers who were answering a call to investigate a public disturbance. This recalcitrant behaviour has to be nipped in the bud by the relevant authorities, and nipped right away. Not too long ago, we saw a similarly disturbing video that depicted a uniformed police officer being repeatedly assaulted by a bus conductor in broad daylight in the … Continue reading

Dishonest, deceptive and deceitful statement

A few nights ago, I was looking at Watch Dog where Minister Oliver Joseph was the guest. Among other things, when speaking of the Mt. Hartman Project and Mr. Charles Liu, he said words to the effect that “everything is ok now and the matter with the SEC is now settled and he (Liu) has returned all investor funds and that the Mt. Hartman project is ongoing.” This morning, doing a simple web search, I found the following information: “Law360, New York (January 6, 2017, 6:42 PM EST) — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has asked a California federal … Continue reading

The Things Mine Eyes Have Seen

I have seen a lot in this Spice Isle since my starry-eyed years of political awareness as a teenager. I saw the Mongoose Gang in action and I saw the overthrow of Eric Gairy. In those days, my political eyes were not well-formed. The brutal excesses of the Revolution I saw up until the criminalisation of power in October 1983. I thought my eyes could not bear anymore. Then I began seeing millions and millions of dollars spent on General Elections campaigns, commencing 1999, and I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. When I saw two Structural Adjustment … Continue reading

Lord forgive him!!!

It is getting to me – the tendency of the President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey to use Parliament every time to go after the Labour Senator, Raymond Roberts who I am told was once his close Comrade and friend. The President of one union told me that Comrade Chess and Rae-Rae used to see eye-to-eye on almost everything in the past when the former was supporting the National Democratic Congress (NDC). As a matter of fact I am told that the former TAWU President and Rae Rae used to meet behind the scene and plot most of the positions … Continue reading


Many people are of the sound opinion that we will see the usual suspects in action in the “Town of St. George” in the upcoming elections. After all, it is no secret that the political parties only talk about, New and Fresh Ideas, when really, all they are doing is trying to teach old dogs new tricks. Over the past few years we have been saddled with the reject, recycle, repetitive, rubbish of the old school thinking. It came as a breath of fresh air to me when one local newspaper a few weeks ago, listed about four names as … Continue reading