When the filth of St Vincent contaminates Grenada

In St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), the Unity Labour Party (ULP) are big on election fraud; that is committing it not stopping it. Supporters think cheating to win is okay, if not a right exclusively theirs. They are told own the jobs, own the party, own the votes, own the government. Literally that is just what they do: they own everything, or better put, they steal everything. Under the ULP government, in the preceding weeks and right up to the early morning of the election poll supporters are given millions and millions of dollars in building materials, livestock, land, … Continue reading

The ultimate abuse

Abuse is making the headlines more than ever before. It is one of the trending topics and practices of our time. In North America a number of big names in the entertainment, broadcasting, religious, political, and business world have come under fire for sexual abuse of women. Our nation is smarting at the moment from an unprecedented series of abuse against women and children. Some men even claim that they also are being abused by women. However, the abuse against little Ariel Bolah tops the charts. We seem to have psychopathic deviates among us who take pleasure in practicing their … Continue reading

Open letter to Supt. Sylvan Mc Intyre

Supt. Sylvan Mc Intyre Officer in charge Community Relations Department Royal Grenada Police Force St George’s Dear Mr. Mc Intyre, Just about one year ago, officers from the F.I.U came to St Patrick’s to investigate a case of fraud within the Housing department. The officers detained the Housing Officer, brought her to the Union Police Station and proceeded to investigate the case. From the investigation, the police confiscated truck loads of lumber from different individuals in St. Patrick’s but since then the case has gone cold. It is alleged that the Housing department within the Ministry of Social Development authorised … Continue reading

Hon. Delma Thomas

Minister of Social Development/Housing Dear Ms Thomas, I applied to your ministry for material to construct a house a few years ago. Sometime last year I was told that my request was approved and that I will receive the material shortly. I was excited and started making preparation to construct my house and to start making payment. Unfortunately, I did not receive any material. I was disappointed. I became aware during the police investigation that material were assigned to me but was collected by someone from the St Patrick’s West Constituency office. I am concerned and worried because a cheque … Continue reading

Peter Wait, Peter Wait!

Listening to Mr. Charles Peter David the other night as he accepted the offer to run on an NNP ticket for the town of St. George in the upcoming election left me flabbergasted. Not verbatim, this man had the audacity to call on Grenadians to unite for the greater good of the country. He also called on Grenadians to realise that in this period, NNP is the only party to lead this country forward. Wait a minute Sir, though I heard you, you did not speak to me. You are the last person, Grenadians with common sense would listen to. … Continue reading

My own testimony!!!

Politicians, political guru and party sympathisers who are continuing to glorify Dr. Mitchell and the NNP administration for delivering and bringing development to Grenada, I dare challenge you on those issues. Can any Government official sit me down on a stool and show me the blueprint, please walk me through and show me what has been done for Grenada over the decades in terms of development. I want to know where these developments took place from St. George’s in the South to St. Patrick’s in the North and from St. John’s in the West to St. David’s in East. As … Continue reading

Be One Nation

By Clare D Briggs Phillip One people, one country our responsibility, This way, it should be, as we live in love and unity. The perception and philosophy our leaders should promote, Unselfishness, harmony, development and continuous growth, Our ancestors came from the same region, Our religious leaders declare a consciousness of God emphasising His vision and mission. Let God be your guide as you evangelise, His loving service we must idealise. Be not segregated by our social classes and educational levels, Nor be caught up in materialism or reckless living which are ways of the devil. Don’t be jealous of … Continue reading

The one-party state men!!!

“Project Grenada” though often referred to, has never been presented with a clearly outlined list of aims and objectives. When a genuine project is presented, the aims and objectives of the project are never a mystery. Sufficient time has passed and those of us who have been keeping a close eye on the day to day activities of those who make reference to “Project Grenada”, we have a duty to assist the public with unmasking this mystery. Project Grenada can best be described as an invasion of the NNP by those who were purged from the NDC when they tried … Continue reading

Where is steel pan going?

As a peaceful and law-abiding citizen, and as a hardworking taxpaying Grenadian, or more so, as a poignant lover of Steelpan music, I am motivated to ask a few questions about the state of Pan in my country. I have heard all the market talk, all the rum talking, all the political prattle about steelpan, especially after the calamity that left patrons of the 2017 Panorama finals in awe, today many are still in anguish after the effects of such an appalling episode. It was also pleasing to see the members of the steel band association coming together to have … Continue reading

Is there hope for Grenada?

Grenada has been stagnant for far too long in terms of progress, economic growth and development. For many decades, the various governments have been in and out of power and they have led us on a path to nowhere. We have a ruling Administration in office that often boast of surpluses and yet the national debt continues to increase by the millions and yet we cannot get a figure from the Minister of Finance all we’re getting is debt to GDP ratio. Mr PM, please speak the language of the people so all can understand. Government is being stringent when … Continue reading