Typical communist jargon

Earl Bousquet, the St Lucian Marxist journalist, who writes for the Grenadian Marxist newspaper Carib Update, describes the Grenada revolution, 1979 to 1983, as “earth shattering”. Well it certainly was Caribbean-shattering, but not in such a nice way as Bousquet would have us believe. He talks with the typical communist jargon of “participatory democracy”, in other words the few elite leaders tell us what to do and think while the people, “the masses” as Bishop loved to call them (how patronising can you get?), follow suit, or, as they fully knew, “it’s up the hill for them” as Bishop said … Continue reading


Can someone please tell me the length of time it takes to get a medical report from the hospital?  Is it five, ten or fifteen years? I am in desperate need of an answer. It is almost five years now since my son met in a vehicular accident, taken to the General Hospital, had surgery and re-entry surgery and since that time I have been requesting a medical report for Insurance and other legal purposes and not succeeding. Recently I was told by the doctor who was asked to prepare it after failed attempts to have it done by the … Continue reading

Vote NNP for corruption, unemployment and poverty

Many people won’t admit it, but Keith Mitchell is a massive failure. Ask yourself this simple question – “Are you better off today than your were four years ago?” NNP fourth anniversary celebrations ad says let the progress continue. The reality is under Keith and the NNP Grenadians have became progressively poorer. The SEED program is expanded and instead of talking about the amount of people that the NNP took out of poverty the government is bragging about the increasing number of persons receiving benefits under the SEED program. Very embarrassing. Mitchell and the NNP should be ashamed of themselves. … Continue reading

Get rid of the Chief Termite

As a strong supporter of NNP, I want to suggest to our leader and Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell that it is time to get rid of the NDC termites from the House. These people are causing confusion within our party as we are about to get ready for the next general election. It is not by mistake that the ex-army man is making all kinds of statements to hurt the NNP and its chances at the polls. The ex-army man is not working for the NNP but for the leader of the NDC Termites who came into the House … Continue reading

Wake Up Churches!!!

Around 9:20 a.m. Sunday morning of March 19th, a very serious thought came to my mind. During the period leading up to a political election, people, including church members, are so active in supporting and talking in a very lively manner about the political party they support. Some of them go on the platform and speak loudly, without fear, promoting their party. However, when it comes to being vibrant in going around and speaking about God, these same people are not seen; surely, an urgent need for churches to wake up! In Matthew 24, Jesus speaks about the Last Days … Continue reading

“I in town too long”

I had a real good laugh over the weekend after reading the editorial of my favourite newspaper, NEW TODAY. I could not believe the headline, “CBI on trial” as the paper commented on the hot topic of the day involving Mr. Roger Ver and his US$1 million that was conned away from him. There was nothing wrong with the editorial except the headline “CBI on trial”. I was wondering if that was a misprint on the part of THE NEW TODAY. A more appropriate headline should have been the FIU or Royal Grenada Police Force on trial. Let me explain … Continue reading

Unemployment- Less talk, more action

For many years Grenada has suffered from very high rates of unemployment, which is unfortunately highest among our youth population. Recent statistics revealed that Grenada has the highest unemployment rate in the English-speaking Caribbean, something that should raise serious concern. We can all agree that no one deliberately sets out to increase unemployment. However, decisions on the part of policymakers or the lack therefore has a positive relationship with the rate of unemployment. No one administration can be held responsible for this; however, the prolonged high rates of unemployment facing Grenada should not be treated lightly or create any form … Continue reading

No justice

I cannot understand that after forty-three years of independence, we are still pledging allegiance to the Queen of England and at the same time we are convinced that we are a genuine independent nation. Let us take a look at things. Our prison still remains her Majesty’s prison at Richmond Hill, our police force still remains the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF). Grenada still remains a constitutional monarchy with a Governor General as head of state even though she must act on the advise of the Prime Minister. It should not also be forgotten that the role of the GG … Continue reading

The only final alternative

A proper constitution is needed to advance the governance of the country, and at a time when our country does not know what position it holds in world affairs. The present state of our political doctrinarian is the belief that we can achieve success from the advancement of the bigger countries of the world. What we do know is that we have gained political independence in 1974 from Great Britain and up to now many people don’t know what is the true meaning of independence. The Revolution came in 1979 and that alone had brought great enmity with United States … Continue reading

The thirty-nine percent

Anyone can criticise anything! They may do so for good or wrong reasons! The recently-published findings of a CADRES poll have some folks unhappy and ready to apply logic and illogic to discredit Mr. Wickham. He may well deserve ‘a hit’, but what is the point really when we have not yet voted? We could decide to put anybody in our Parliament and we could accept anybody as Prime Minister. Since its 2013 defeat, the NDC ought to have had one driving cause, that is, to win the next elections. Default conditions aside, victory is a function of process and … Continue reading