Surviving the end of the world!!!

The question posed above is very worthy of consideration. Who would not want to survive when this world ends? The world’s end does not mean the end of the Earth. Psalm 37:9, 11 say that those who “wait on the Lord (the meek) shall inherit the earth” and “delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” Jesus agreed with these Scriptures when he said at Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Also, Ecclesiastes 1:4 tells us that “the earth abideth FOREVER,” in contrast to a generation that does not last forever. What will the end … Continue reading

As directed by the Heavenly Father:

Pleasant greetings to our fellow Grenadian brothers and sisters at home and abroad. I am here conveying four mesages from many messages revealed in dreams from our Heavenly Father to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Long ago a few persons had access to the scriptures, at a later stage more persons got access to bibles and read the word. Today even atheists can shop and purchase bibles, having the word before their eyes and in their hands – could anyone hinder the fulfillment of the Heavenly Father’s word? Over ten years ago during 2005 I was sent … Continue reading


It seems that we in Grenada are on an unmasking crusade. The Prime Minister, a few years ago, promised to unmask the mass men in Parliament; Terry Forrester, a Mitchell loyalist for over thirty years, threatened to unmask Mitchell himself; and now the police say: ‘No Mask in Mas.’ I consider the banning of masks in carnival an irony and a tragedy since carnival itself has been a product of both African and European masking legacies. Let us look at some related terms: Masque, Mask, Masquerade, and Mas. Masque -A European theatrical performance so named because the performers used masks. … Continue reading


Dear Parents and Guardians, The 2017 July-August school vacation period is here, and we at the Child Protection Authority are hopeful that our nation’s children would spend a colorful and happy vacation. Because ALL of our children are the hope and future of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, their security should be a priority for each one of us. In order to ensure our students have a healthy, safe and enjoyable vacation, we are kindly urging you to carry out your role as protectors with love and thoughtfulness by taking heed to the following suggestions: *Keep them happy: Create a … Continue reading

Answers are in the Questions

Why did the Ministry of Education authorise the closing of school when there was fair weather, but did the contrary for a rainstorm? If this is how the main Education body in Grenada thinks, aren’t our children in unsafe hands? Why doesn’t the Ministry of Education pay necessary attention to the children who are begging and selling while school is in process? How much sense does a government senator has when he says it is a normal school day despite a potentially dangerous rain storm? Doesn’t this show how much he actually cares? Why didn’t the former government fix the … Continue reading

Men, Prove That You Love Your Wives and Children!

Life, or alcohol? Which is more important? Any normal thinking individual will say “Life!” However, quite a number of men in our society show that alcohol is more important to them than life. For instance, the moment some men get up in the morning, rum is all they want. Some leave home early in the morning and their wives and children only see them back late evening or night. They do not care whether or not their families eat a meal. They often waste their monies on drinking, making RUM their God. Philippians 3:19. How sad that is! These men … Continue reading

Senate – mockery or memocracy?

It has become of grave concern to the public-at-large that Senate President, Chester Humphrey is showing muscular bias to the opposition Senators by disallowing them the liberty to debate on diverse and pertinent issues of national importance in the Senate. In recent time, the President has taken on a class- room, straight jacket approach toward streamlining matters of so-called “relevancy”, perceive or non- perceived on important issues debated. There seems to be a deliberate and collusive move by the President of Senate and the Leader of Government business in the Upper House, Simon Stiell to stifle robust debate on the … Continue reading

Surprise, surprise!!!

I am writing to say that I am so shocked to see that children in Venezuela and adults too are starving right now. I have heard that we are supporting the regime there, but I wonder – support a regime that has reduced the Venezuelans to such dire straits? I am surprised – knowing how generous the Grenadian people are – that no one seems to have set up a collection for them, or the filling of containers with such things as Baby milk, evaporated and condensed milk and other tinned goods and what about some provisions, such as green … Continue reading

How old is the Almighty God?

Have you ever wondered, “How old is God?” Many persons wonder or actually ask that question. How can we know? Since the Holy Scriptures originated with the Almighty God, then it is the course of wisdom to check in the Bible for the answer. Psalm 90:2 mentions that God is “FROM EVERLASTING to everlasting.” (See also Psalm 93:2) God being “to everlasting” means that God will be living forever; that is, God will always be alive. There will be NO END to God. “From everlasting” is the opposite of “to everlasting.” Since “to everlasting” means that there is NO END … Continue reading

Wrong for the times

Two high-profile remnants of the Revolution are enjoying themselves; one talks at will and the other walks at will! Those who watch and listen are not amused. The things that were wrong during the ‘Revo’ were made so by men holding high positions. Today, these remnants of the ‘Revo’ (and others) continue to oil the wheels of ‘wrongness’ in Grenadian politics from their high offices. The one who has become a bewigged supervisor of the regime is also now a landlord and is no longer “fighting capital”. In fact, it appears true that he now fights for capital in the … Continue reading