The “Progressive Forces”

This is intended to shed some light on the hypocrisy behind the persons charading today as the progressive forces and mastermind of Project Grenada who have conveniently taken up residence in the House hoping to evict the landlord and take full control. After all this has been their only modus operandi. Look back at the power struggle they waged after 2008 for control of the NDC Brand. Allow me to refresh your memories. After the demise of the revolution in 1983, the progressive forces needed a place to rest their tired selves. Tillman Thomas, against the wishes of his membership … Continue reading

Peter – the power seeker

I’m hearing that Peter David goes many mornings to Mt. Royal to be with Keith Mitchell. I can imagine how giddy Peter David feels to be so near to grasping power. Or is he so near? Perhaps he is worried by the fact that the NDC seemed to bring a bigger crowd to their St. David’s rally than NNP managed to attract to their youth rally in Tempe where they spent some of the dollars given to them by, who? Venezuela again? on bringing to Grenada a Jamaican singer called Romaine Virgo. So here was real freeness intended to seduce … Continue reading

NNP – a party in crisis

With only a few weeks remaining before the general elections, the New National Party finds itself in an identity crisis. It is a case of the party not knowing itself anymore. Consider this! Old stalwarts like former General Secretary Joslyn Whiteman and former PRO Terry Forrester have been sufficiently alienated to be now running independently and challenging the NNP candidates in St. David and St. George. Consider this also: Keith Mitchell’s closest advisers are no longer the likes of Danny Williams and Roland Bhola. These pillars of the party have been replaced by the power hungry communistic Peter David and … Continue reading

Vote him out!!!

Dear Dr. Keith, I must first congratulate you on your exceptional dance moves. Your dance moves are a clear indication of physical fitness and commendable rhythm. And word has it, that your dance moves are labeled as the highlight of the NNP rallies. What an accomplishment! When one who is conscious-minded would expect real issues to take center stage. Wishful thinking! In the 2018 Independence Rally which I am convinced was more of a watered-down version of an NNP rally, I listened as Dr. Curwen stood with pride and elation to introduce you to the audience. She shared that your … Continue reading

2017 Panorama – Opportunities For Learning

The events of Saturday evening on 12th August, 2017 at the National Stadium, were unfortunate to put it mildly, but possibly inevitable. There is no greater motivation to rise than a view from the bottom, the absolute bottom. We have sadly, I propose, arrived there. The details of which person(s) did or did not do what will be revealed in due course by others qualified so to discover. This commentary’s focus is to expand the discussion. What is the value of music to us – as a people, as a culture, as a nation? Let me declare my hand up … Continue reading

High unemployment and economic mismanagement

Many will acknowledge that unemployment is and remains the Caribbean’s number one socio-economic challenge. Grenada is no exception. The problem is intractable, pervasive and so important that Dr. Mitchell has OVER THE PAST NINE YEARS, embraced it as his “Political punching bag” owned by the NDC. Many leaders particularly in the developed world, due to inadequate statistical departments and a paucity of good data, have misrepresented their unemployment rates for political advantage. This has led to a reliance on regional institutions and organisations like Central Banks, regional banks, the IMF and the World Bank by many for trusted information. They … Continue reading

Why March 13?

Never has the government of Grenada named March 13 as a significant and memorable day and public holiday. The events that took place on that day, 39 years ago in 1979 are still not part of the educational curriculum, much less mainstream political debates and discussions on the island. Therefore, the current Prime Minister’s decision to name March 13, 2018 as the next general election date leaves one questioning his intent. There is currently an emptiness, a historical and collective memory void around March 13. It’s not named as a day of significance unlike October 25, the day our island … Continue reading

Grenlec has performed!!!

I am shocked to hear the attack on WRB and Grenlec by our Prime Minister at his rally on Sunday night. Why would Dr. Mitchell accuse WRB of interfering in Grenada’s electoral matters? And he had the gall to say that he would contact his friends in the U.S government to complain about WRB. Like Dr. Mitchell forget that the U.S government has the undistinguished record of being the biggest interfering in the internal affairs of countries around the world. Our Prime Minister might have had a lapsed in memory because he was the biggest beneficiary of U.S interference in … Continue reading

Is the NNP beatable in 2018?

Dey ask me dat question, so ah answering, “YES” boldly, as I have not been given the spirit of fear. Begin by recognising that 2018 is ‘The Year of the Young Voter’! Ponder this reality well! Secondly, where human beings are concerned, nothing is cast in stone. Opinions can change very quickly, whether due to abuse of power, disappointment, scandal, fear or revulsive behaviour. Furthermore, people might simply get to a point where they say, “Ah tired wit dat”! Elections are won and lost primarily on the basis of how some people feel and what some think. The results of … Continue reading

Polls and their impact on election

Although polls serve a purpose they are usually incorrect as a number of factors can affect the final outcome of the elections being polled. The 2016 election in the United States clearly demonstrates how inaccurate polls could be. The majority of the polls had predicted that Hilary Clinton was a clear winner of the Presidency. When the votes finally tallied that prediction proved to be incorrect. The 2008 election in Barbados as polled by Cadres was another example of polls proving incorrect. The same Cadres are now saying that the 2018 Grenada election could be won by the NNP. However, … Continue reading