Is the NNP government responsible for the increase in rape crimes?

Although Grenada can be called “a democracy” it has made no progress when it comes to reforming its criminal justice system. The court system stinks and it’s not dedicated to the protection of children. Why has the moral character of our society deteriorated to such an extent? In this process of moral degeneration in our Grenadian society, what role does each of us play? Is the Keith C. Mitchell government encouraging or preventing this trend? A rape survivor’s worst nightmare is having to face their attacker in court, and come in contact with the person who changed their life forever. … Continue reading


I am not one given to writing in the newspapers, but after viewing the Queen Show on Thursday and hearing the results, I feel compelled to put my thoughts to paper. Last year when Miss St. George won the Queen Show, she achieved excellence in all categories. It was a foregone conclusion then, in everyone’s mind, even before the results were announced, that she had won and indeed she did win! It would have been inconceivable and incomprehensible if, after achieving “best” in all categories, someone else was declared the winner. The situation in this year’s Queen Show is very … Continue reading

Open Letter to Eddie Frederick

I read your article of praise for Bernard Coard’s “The Grenada Revolution- What Really Happened,” published in The New Today of Fri. Sept. 01st, 2017. I must confess that I have not read the book as yet, only reviews, as a result, I cannot comment informatively on its contents. However, allow me to comment on your article and not on the contents of Comrade Coard’s book itself. That would come later. Mr. Frederick, before March 13, 1979, I felt I had ample reason to help overthrow E.M. Gairy and create a society that would promote and safeguard the interest of … Continue reading

Keith is expired goods!!!

Election is once again in the air and I am calling on the Grenadian public to wise up and stop allowing the Keith Mitchell regime to take us for a ride again. It bleeds my heart to see the state at which Keith Mitchell has brought our people. After twenty three years as Prime Minister this so-called leader has nothing else to offer our people especially our young people…nothing other than a two weeks contract to cut bush on the side of the road! He tried to put it nicely and call it” The debushing programme” but we need to … Continue reading

The spiritual Wrestling Match

The Grenada Christian Political Party (G.C.P.P.) will like to declare to all that its founder, party policies, references and sayings are not out of hate for any person or persons. All G.C.P.P hate is directed against the spirits that influence the people of the opposing political parties. This correct direction of hate comes from the Bible. It’s written in Ephesians Chpt. 6 verse 12; for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of the darkness of the world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. G.C.P.P knows and understands that we don’t wrestle … Continue reading


As affected public officers start unfortunately very late to appreciate and to experience the devastating and degrading impact of the 1983 Pensions (Disqualification) Act and now seem to be showing signs of frustration and confusion on the plight, Prime Minister Dr. Keith Claudius Mitchell has been responding with a resemblance of repentant and reconciliatory tones. In seeking to make his case, to console those officers, to boost his election’s campaign and to enrich his political legacy, Dr. Mitchell blames the past governing administrations for not having dealt with the “uneven hand” brought by the Act to the many workers in … Continue reading

SMC Drops Steelband Panorama Ball

It is said that you can judge a society by how it treats its young, its elders and its culture… In one fell swoop, Grenada disrespected and threw much shade on all three of these factors. And the Pan season in Grenada came to an abrupt halt when hundreds of musicians turned up to perform and found there was no stage built, so after weeks of preparation, their competition was cancelled. Spicemas Corporation, the entity overseeing for staging Panorama, is led by Kirk Seetahal. Seetahal and members of his board tasked with the responsibility for Grenada’s Panorama must step down … Continue reading

Playing a role in Venezuelan crisis

For Sir Ronald Sanders to suggest that “…it was prudent of four CARICOM governments – Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Lucia – not to associate themselves with a declaration issued in Lima on August 8th, by 12 member-states of the OAS that gathered (with the CARICOM four) of their own volition in Peru…” is anathema to the aspirations of all the peoples of America. In fact as a Grenadian ex-pat living in Canada I find it embarrassing that Grenada of all CARICOM countries, with its history of Cuban advisor/s sitting in at cabinet meetings during those 4 plus years of non-democratic … Continue reading

Planning a better carnival!!!

The following is my considered thoughts on our Carnival. To my mind the 2017 Carnival was one of the worst I observed in Grenada since Independence simply because the Powers-that-be do not know that Steel band music is one of the main pillars of Carnival and when we do not have Panorama and Steel bands parading in our streets we really had no real carnival. I was in St. George’s for J’ouvert and the one Steel band which was on the streets was drowned out by the ultra-sound DJ’s. Carnival this year was “Jab Jab” or “Devil Mas” with emphasis … Continue reading

My Reflection of Spicemas 2017

Let me take a moment to reflect on Grenada’s 2017 Carnival and all the shows and parties. I continue to always look forward to going to Grenada for Carnival and that won’t change. There were a number of great takeaways from this year’s carnival. One of my biggest takeaways was the quality of music and sounds that my small country produces. Another was J’ouvert and the Spectacle of Monday Night Mas. Every year the soca artistes and calypsonians are getting better and better. My favourites were “She gave me the fork when I finish eat.” Clever indeed! The others were … Continue reading