The Political Castration of Boatswain

Anthony Boatswain finds himself surrounded by enemies. The three-time MP for St. Patrick West has been heavily targeted by the rebel leader faction, which apparently still wants Joseph Gilbert to be the candidate. Over the past 18 months or so, most of Boatswain’s key people have been investigated, transferred, fired or forced to resign. In every instance, the replacement has been a rebel loyalist. The most notable casualty was the once-powerful Adam Andall, who was replaced by Joe Gilbert’s former personal assistant, Elpheridge Phillip. Also prominent as Boatswain’s campaign manager is Isaac Oliver, a former top-ranking member of Gilbert’s team. … Continue reading

The Surrogate

Elections in Grenada today involve an increasing number of surrogates seeking to influence voters’ choice. However, success at the polls is highly dependent on the popularity of the leader and confidence in his/her leadership, the depth of party organisation, large bundles of dollars, a persuasive public relations campaign and effective ground- level mobilisation. That mobilisation is visibly done by such persons as bus drivers, shopkeepers, church leaders, small contractors and surrogates. Unlike their co-promoters, surrogates demonstrate many important differences. Firstly, they operate in the media and so their reach is national. Secondly, they are generally in an approved relationship with … Continue reading

Grenada: The corruption state

Lord Acton, one of the best-known historians and scholars of that era, is best known for the remark in a letter to an Anglican bishop in 1887, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The continuing actions of the Prime Minister, Dr. Keith C. Mitchell gives credence to this quote, since Grenada appears to be displaying a galloping tendency by the NNP, with its absolute majority in Parliament, towards ‘absolute corruption’. Corruption is used in its classicist sense to mean “the use of powers by Government Officials for illegitimate private gain. Corruption is used to refer to where an illegal … Continue reading

Say NO to Back-stabbing

Ouch!!!That hurts!!! It is a norm in society for people to be back-stabbing others, while pretending to be their friends. They often speak evil things against other persons, misleading those to whom they speak, thus damaging the reputation of the persons they speak about, hurting them. Half-truths and outright lies are often included in the things Back-stabbers speak. 1 Peter 2:1 mentions “laying aside all malice … and all evil speakings.” (See James 1:26) Therefore, being malicious and speaking evil things against others is wrong in God’s eyes. Back-stabbers destroy relationships in various institutions, including churches, schools, hospitals, clinics, banks, … Continue reading

Keep Peter out!!!

Everybody in Darbeau know that I am a huge NNP supporter in the Town of St. George. As a former supporter of the Revo, I hated Eric Gairy and Comrade Maurice became my idol. No Coardite can get my support since they killed my leader on the Fort in October 1983. This is precisely the reason that I could not give my support to the NDC because of the presence of Peter, Nazim, Feron Lowe, Chester Humphrey, the late Dr. Lambert and the other RMC gangsters. I have been voting for Dr. Mitchell and NNP since 1995 with Dr. Fletcher … Continue reading

Healthcare a catastrophe in St. Patrick’s

If Grenada has a national health crisis, St. Patrick’s has a health catastrophe. About three years ago, a young woman died on the grounds of the Sauteurs Health Complex because there was no oxygen at the facility. Earlier this year, an elderly lady from Mt. Rich died at the same facility because there was no trained person to administer oxygen to her. Just a few days ago, the Mt. Rich Medical Station was closed down without any prior notice. On the night of September 23, a young woman gave birth in Darvey. She was unable to pass the afterbirth. Given … Continue reading

Dealing with the issue of Child Abuse in Grenada

I must first state categorically that I am totally against the abuse of our children be it sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse or neglect. Roma Finley started the campaign against child abuse in Grenada approximately 35 to 40 years ago and as a result she was affectionately referred to as “the child abuse lady.” Prior to that, many people felt that child abuse did not exist in Grenada. Since her retirement, the issue of child abuse is talked about conveniently. After all these years it seems as though we are just starting. We still don’t have a plan on … Continue reading

The sister of Maurice Bishop?

Ellen Bishop-Spielman claims to be Maurice Bishop’s sister. In fact, she was adopted by Maurice Bishop’s parents and has never been mentioned by Maurice’s sisters to me nor by Maurice although I only saw him on rare occasions. A contemporary tells me he can remember this rather precocious teenager who somewhat scandalised the straight-laced bourgeoisie of the period by taking part in some film. That may have been the beginning of her career in films. Well, she has re-appeared in Grenada of late, selling herself to all and sundry as Maurice Bishop’s sister. She runs an outfit calling itself the … Continue reading


It is time that we Caribbean people of African descent get to realise that the steel band movement is not just about music, but mainly the significance of a story dating back centuries ago, that has a spiritual linkage with our fore parents who passed on over these years and those of us that are alive today. You see this story started with the drums on the plantation in different countries of the Western Hemisphere back in the 18th century, then in the 1920’s came the advent of the Bamboo-Tamboo in Trinidad followed by the steel band in the 1930’s, … Continue reading

Sealey: ‘I offer myself’

On the 24thAugust 2017 the nation was pleasantly informed by newcomer and now caretaker for St. Andrew North East on an NNP ticket, Kate Lewis that she offered herself to be caretaker and possible candidate for that constituency. That news broke on GBN television News that night. It was confirmed by Minister Bhola in a quote in the New Today edition on 25th August 2017 page 11, when he was quoted as saying “we are excited that Kate has come forward”. That led me as a thinker and opposition to start thinking. I am Derick Sealey, founder of the Grenada … Continue reading