Approaching fifty: Still NO Age of Reason

One of the hallmarks of an evolving and healthy democracy is the existence and encouragement of thinkers to examine, formally or informally, and share on matters of national interest from a balanced and informed perspective. Normally, participation is via institutions such as places of higher education. Groups of able individuals, in various disciplines, may also analyse and comment on national issues as opposed to operating as partisan ‘prop-ups’ or intellectual mercenaries. Every country needs rich people and thinkers to spearhead its development simply because the poor and the uneducated cannot do it. The value of such capacity is self-evident. Unlike … Continue reading

No to ganja!!!

Today I am going to respond to a suggestion made by one of our renowned attorneys-at-law.  He is someone who many people look up to as an outstanding citizen of our dear land and I am always willing to hear good things coming from his mouth, things that are uplifting and benefitting to the nation especially our youth. It was surprising to hear someone in such office whom many have such great respect for saying that marijuana should be legalised now. He spoke of the benefits that could be realised from the sale and export of same. I am saying … Continue reading

P.W.U, please calm down

I have a message to P.W.U from the Grenada Christian Political Party. We ask them to stop raising your pressure and working up yourselves over your rightly deserving pension awarded you according to law. Save your energies for this one. There is a greater more deadly and important issue facing Grenada today than the pension issue. That is the issue of the Mark of the Beast and E Government being issued and established right here in Grenada today by this NNP Government. The Mark of the Beast is the process of registering the people into the multipurpose identification (M.P.I.D) computer … Continue reading

The real issues

I will make no new remarks but stand firm to my writings of August 29, 2009. It’s 2017 and yet our so-called leaders fail to push a button, instead is more aggression despite what has been said and what is taking place on the concerns about the decriminalization of cannabis internationally. Our leaders ‘home based’ are still playing naive about the issue. Well let me tell them that no one man can stop it, as the decriminalisation of ganja/cannabis is long overdue here in Grenada. The cultivation of cannabis for spiritual, economical and social reasons is of pivotal importance. I … Continue reading

Raising the Grenadian Youth and the Big Counts!

God has given man the will and privilege to make his own decisions. As important as knowledge and judgment are to good decision-making, one would be wrong to think that the better-schooled decide principally on that basis. In fact, many decisions are based on feelings, greed and opportunism. Sometimes, lacking in knowledge and demonstrating poor judgment, we enter into innocent error when we make decisions. Sometimes, the decisions we make are wrong because we do not bother to consider whether the choices we are making are right. If our knowledge is not fitted into value systems, including standards of right … Continue reading

Independence – an idea that has to be nurtured

As Caribbean people our emergence from slavery and colonialism was a necessity. Our former political principals the Manleys, Dr Williams, Messrs Barrow, Marryshow, Gairy and Donovan, to name a few leaders, all played their part in breaking the ties that bound us to the egregious system of colonialism. But although we have progressed as a region in some areas, we continue to stumble and falter, primarily because we have not replaced the old system that governed us with a new one that comprehensively embraces the times we live in, and hence, works for us. How can we continue to swear … Continue reading


The quality of being just, righteousness, equitableness, rightfulness or lawfulness.  Just on ground of reason. After reading such definition, I feel hurt and betrayed by the country I love. March was one of the hardest months of my life, upon finding out that my daughter had been raped.  I went to depths and length in search of Justice.  I brought her to the police station to make a report and even there was made to feel wrong for doing so. I had sought help from higher authority in the person of the officers on the port.  I took my daughter … Continue reading


Isaiah Berlin, a Russian/British philosopher once wrote, ‘only barbarians are not curious about where they came from, how they came to be where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, if so why, and if not, why not.’ There was a time when we in Grenada used to be  interested in our history and conscious of  where we wanted to go. In my opinion, the same cannot be said of us today. Some would say that it has not happened by chance but by design.  Irrespective of the cause, we need to create … Continue reading

Is It Wrong for Someone to change His Religion?

Some persons will answer the above question with a resounding “Yes!” Others will say, “No.”  There are those who are not sure. God’s Word, the Bible, answers the question above. Acts 17:2 – 4 mention that the apostle Paul “reasoned with them out of the scriptures.” Verse 2adds that “some of them believed, and consorted with Paul and Silas; and of the devout Greeks a great multitude…” plus some women. The term, “consorted with” suggests that these ones who believed associated with the apostle Paul and Silas, thus becoming part of the religion of Paul and Silas. It was not … Continue reading

Salimos de ALBA and the Era of Good Behaviour

When the newly-elected Mitchell regime embarked on the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) in 2013, the driving motive was to save the Government, politically, by avoiding economic and financial collapse. Victor Burke, as Minister for Finance, had previously appeared reluctant to bring the very recommendations for fixing the broken economy to his Cabinet. Today, that which was meant to save the NNP in Office has produced powerful and unexpected benefits. Appearances are that the SAP has worked to salvage the reputation of PM Mitchell and to position him on the world stage as a Statesman of sorts. No Chavez or ghost … Continue reading