Dereck Walcott Lives

One of the first thing it is important to know about Derek Walcott, is that he was a child prodigy. A child prodigy is someone who begins at a very young age to exhibit extraordinary ability at a particular skill. At a very young age, Walcott displayed unusual talent as a writer and painter. Indeed, he published his first book of poems in 1984 at the age of 18. The standard of the poem is attested by the fact many of them appear in a recent collection entitled, ‘The Poetry of Derek Walcott: 1984-2013’. Derek Walcott had a twin brother, … Continue reading

NNP administration on delivery rampage!!

As the general election inches closer, there seems to be a mad rush by the NNP administration and their parliamentary representatives to deliver all manner of goods, and services to hoodwink the masses. This last-minute desperation is a sign that the government is very uncomfortable with its chances of winning the next general election. The mad rush to deliver merchandise is being touted as an electioneering strategy to catch votes to win the election at all cost. None of the 15 constituency across the state is being left unattended at this present moment. At the level of each constituency, the … Continue reading

Say something, Mr. Boatswain

In March, 2017, Minister of Works, Gregory Bowen, announced an investigation into alleged fraudulent activities in several government-run programmes. Mr. Bowen spoke about ghost workers in the debushing programme, overbilling by truck operators and irregularities in the housing programme. After Minister Bowen’s announcement, teams of officers from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), spent several weeks in St. Patrick West constituency, interviewing several people, including the then Personal Assistant to MP Anthony Boatswain, Kelvin Andall. A young woman from Chantimelle who worked as an aide in the MP’s office, responsible for distributing housing materials, was … Continue reading

Well Dumb, Mr. Prime Minister

If this is the absolute best you can do, if this is the best you can say, if this is all you have to offer, then all I can say is well done Mr. Prime Minister. I listened to a political rally on Sunday, and all I heard and saw was a true masturbation of egos, self gratification, and disrespect to the Grenadian people. It is clear now that the many speculations of internal turmoil inside the Government may very well be much more than speculations. More and more I am convinced that the rule of dictatorship is coming to … Continue reading

Answering the call!!!

I will not profess to be the official mouthpiece for the people of Town, but, I am totally aware of my surroundings and what people are saying. Town people are saying that the NDC has answered the call of the many young men and women who have been asking for something NEW. Not something OLD, borrowed or BLUE….but something fresh, something better, something NEW. So we have heard that Ms. Claudette Joseph is the Woman for Change. I am sure that Claudette will bring a breath of fresh air to the political atmosphere. She has already shown her ability to … Continue reading

Purely unethical behaviour!!!

Entrepreneurship, in my opinion, is a key contributor to our nation’s development and economic growth. Entrepreneurship is becoming a household name as its importance continues to be topical with the ever increasing number of graduates yearly and the limited jobs available. The old adage that one must successfully complete school and find a job is becoming less relevant and school leavers and people in general are now encouraged to start their own businesses. In addition to complying with the laws and regulations governing business start up and operations, an entrepreneur should adhere to good ethical standards and be conscionable. Confidentiality … Continue reading

“Drill, baby, drill”: The case of Political Prisoners and Laughing-stocks

Oil! Oil! ‘Money go flow’! On the eve of General Elections we have hit the low-water mark in disbelief, with a flashing green and white banner reading, “Drill, baby, drill”! There is a homepage for chatter of the mischievous mind that the Scriptures entitle, ‘tricks and traps’! It is the habitat of political prisoners and laughing-stocks. Both of these conditions are due to operations of the mind, not the security forces. One disturbs us with painful laughter while the other displeases the spirit. Working together, they harm the progress of the Grenadian civilisation because some individuals recklessly abuse power and … Continue reading

The answers are in the questions

When politicians constantly malign each other, what example are they setting for the people, especially our young children? How can they be respected as leaders with dignity? Isn’t this the poorest example of leaders that can be found? Why can’t these politicians instead use their energies to stimulate creative ideas to find solutions to the problems in the country? Are these people really intelligent? Why is there a U.S. Embassy in Grenada, and Grenadians for years have had to support another country’s economy in order to try to obtain visas? Why hasn’t any government made representation on behalf of the … Continue reading

Does the term “Elohim” prove that God is a Trinity?

One definition for the term “Elohim” is, “a term used for God frequently in the Hebrew Bible.” Elohim is considered plural. Hence, some believers in the Trinity (three persons making up one God) love to use that term, Elohim, to prove the Trinity, saying that since it is plural, it must refer to God existing in three persons, three being plural. But we rightly ask: What is Elohim the plural for? Is it the plural for persons, or the plural for God? Elohim is the plural for God, NOT the plural for persons. So using Elohim to prove the Trinity … Continue reading


In keeping with the late  George  Brizan’s  book  entitled,  “Nutmeg – Grenada’s  Black Gold”, this  paper now goes  on  to designate  the  GCNA as  Grenada’s  Gold Mine and gives  Eleven (11) ways  that the  Nutmeg Association  can be Grenada’s goldmine. They include: (1) Changing GCNA’s Marketing  and Sales Policy to supply  directly the Main END USERS of Grenada Nutmeg, (2) Developing A National  Spice Grinding  Plant, (3)Establishing Grenada  Nutmeg as a FOOD, (4) GCNA merged with the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA), (5) Adding value to ALL Nutmeg and Mace end products, (6)Nutmeg Growers must own GCNA’s $66 million Assets, (7) … Continue reading