Who we go put dey?

Finding the answer to this question may not be as hard as you think. When elections are at hand, ordinary Grenadians ask themselves the question, “who we go put dey?” By that they mean who we go make Prime Minister. Generally, fitness and acceptance are not informed by book learning, but by cultural factors. Folks locate the leader in a place of mystique and separateness! The PM occupies a special place in people’s heart! An emotional picture, eh? An important issue is how people feel about the leaders of the main parties. People normally look for certain qualities and the … Continue reading

The leadership of Nazim Burke

Quiet, almost reserved, Nazim Burke has emerged as the politician best suited to guide Grenada in the next phase of its development. Burke gives life to the saying that the noise in the market is not the sale. After 18 years of Dr. Mitchell’s flamboyant and bombastic rule, Grenada is riddled with debt, mired in corruption, drowning in unemployment and directionless like a leaf in a whirlpool. In 3 years, Burke has been able to transform the NDC from a fractious, demoralised party into a united force that is now on the verge of winning the next election to begin … Continue reading

Road Safety Reminders!

“BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Multiple fatalities in serious accident in Vieille Case”. So read a popular newspaper in Dominica. That accident resulted in five deaths last Sunday. This brings to mind the need for us to remind ourselves of safety on the road. Therefore, the following are some Road safety reminders: (1). When driving, especially in mountainous areas, drive slowly. When you are approaching a corner, please slow down enough to turn the corner comfortably. Drive even slower on wet or foggy roads. (2). Use your horn responsibly, sounding it whenever you come to any point on the road that you … Continue reading

Fed-up with FLOW

I have to write about the way that FLOW has treated its customers over this holiday weekend. On Sunday morning we turned on the T.V. to watch certain programmes. We discovered that all the channels had been changed and we could not at first get them. Eventually, we worked out the channels we wanted and were able to watch some of them, but it was a very had start to the day. FLOW seems to act without any consideration whatsoever of its paying customers. There was no advance notice of these changes, or explanations, and least of all any apology … Continue reading

Kaiso semi-finals was nursery rhyme

Yes, I am offering a reward to the person or persons who murdered calypso in Grenada. I also want back the hard-earned $60 my wife and I shelled out for the Melody/Papitette calypso semi-finals, only to be insulted with kindergarten manjay pupput at Progress Park. If that was the best coming out of the preliminaries, heaven help those who couldn’t make it in! With so much happening in Grenada, one would think that calypsonians’ biggest headache would be deciding which juicy bone to suck on. Instead, veterans like Zingo, Sheldon and Papa Jerry could only offer up white, sandy beaches, … Continue reading

Important question for PM Mitchell!!!

Please permit me a space in your weekly newspaper to ask this very important question to the Minister of Finance, who is also the P.M. Sir, why you will not address the very important issue of the minimum wage? It has been almost ten years since the people who earned minimum wage have not received an increase in their wages and the cost of living is rising every day. Sir, if you say you care for the poor people of Grenada how come in almost twenty years as PM of this country you only address the issue of minimum wage … Continue reading

Can Chocolate save Cocoa Association or local Cocoa Industry?

This article is an attempt to give a completely new approach to the Sales and Marketing of Grenada Fine Flavour Cocoa by the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) in order to save the GCA if emphasis is on Chocolate. From now on emphasis must be on Chocolate NOT on cocoa beans in crocus bags. As I write, I am reminded of the Quotation in the book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible: “Where there is no vision, the people perish” – (Proverbs 29: 18) it is from this foregoing that I write. After my experience on Thursday, July 27, 2017 at … Continue reading

Undemocratic and autocratic leader!!!

It would be quite remise of me if I didn’t take the time off to comment on the recent developments on the political front in “Pure” Grenada. Firstly, I would like to commend the editors of last weekend’s newspapers. After reading most of them I breathed a sigh of relief…All is not lost!! There are a “few” individuals who can still be classified as persons who can see the bigger picture in certain circumstances and who did not wallow in gossip and derogatory statements especially after “The unmasking of the Mask man”. It was quite unfortunate that our people had … Continue reading

Venezuela under attack

TRUMP THREATENS THE HOMELAND OF BOLIVAR Open letter to the Grenadian public from the Government of Venezuela On Monday, July 17th, the government of the U.S. President Donald Trump issued an unbelievable communiqué threatening Venezuela with “strong and prompt” economic sanctions if elections are held next July 30th to elect the members of the National Constituent Assembly. At the height of the absurd, Mr. Trump’s government condemns the holding of free and democratic elections in Venezuela, which will be carried out under the authority of the National Electoral Council, as contemplated by our legal system. The U.S. government is accustomed … Continue reading