The political and economic situations – in crisis!!!!!!!

Now that the Schools, and Colleges, and other training institutions are closing their doors for another long vacation – and the Festivities that traditionally take place at this time every year in our Tri-Island State are getting in motion – we are faced with situations in vital areas, way beyond anything we have ever experienced before, and very, very few signs of how we can overcome them. Whichever Party or Leader our people may choose to follow or support – in the challenging times ahead for the remainder of this year, and even more importantly, for the crucial final year … Continue reading

Rio+20: No closer to a safer global environment

The Rio+20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has brought the world no closer to a safer global environment. Indeed, if the measure of its success is that the large and influential countries stood still while the dreadful effects of Climate Change sped along, the Conference was a disappointment. Heads of Government, who bothered to turn up for the Summit meeting, could do little to alter the ‘outcome document’ that had been laboriously negotiated by their officials over weeks of painful talks that sometimes threatened to reverse the fundamental principles that were agreed 20 years ago at the first Earth … Continue reading