The people of Fiji matter: who is standing up for them?

By any objective measure of the Commonwealth’s own criteria, Fiji should by now be expelled from the Commonwealth of Nations. Since September 1st 2009, Fiji has been suspended from the Commonwealth, which means that it cannot participate in any inter-governmental meetings or in events such as the Commonwealth Games. The decision to suspend Fiji from the Commonwealth association of 54 states followed the failure of the un-elected regime of Commodore Frank Bainimarama to negotiate with the opposition and to commit to hold credible elections by October 2010. Bainimarama deposed Fiji’s democratically elected government on 5th December 2006 in the country’s … Continue reading

The heat and reality drawing closer

The Nineteenth of February would only be a few days away by the time this is published, and by the looks of how the situation is developing on many fronts – it is becoming very clear that the panic buttons are being depressed, by those still in control and struggling for survival. It was a very welcome surprise a whole week before the last month end, when Government workers received their salaries and wages in advance – unlike the many months in the last year when payments were always late in coming, for one reason or another. And again last … Continue reading

A tortoise and a horse in a serious race

by Stone Crusher As was strongly indicated to you in a previous edition of this much sought after column, the law of karma never loses an address. The deliverance Grenadians received from the bowels of inequity, which, lasted all of thirteen years (1995-2008) will not be turned back. As one God-fearing, very spirit centered senior Grenadian recently said: “God does not deliver a people from the devil, and then deliver them back to the (same) devil years later.” That is deep! The signs are on the wall that to a great extent, Grenadians have been showing a willingness to move … Continue reading

Industrial climate in the region

The New Year has only just begun but already there is mounting industrial tension in regional economies that can only leave one to wonder how all of this is eventually going to evolve. First, in Barbados, the powerful Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) is at loggerheads with the telecommunications provider, LIME, over the company’s decision to terminate the services of some of its workers. In response to failed calls to reverse its decision to dismiss the workers, the BWU has threatened an Island-wide shutdown that LIME has described as grossly irresponsible at this critical juncture in the country’s economic life. At … Continue reading

The flag has been lifted – Election race is on

With just about Six Months of the current term of the NDC Government Parliamentary term remaining – the Prime Minister on Wednesday 9th January advised the Governor General to dissolve Parliament, and thereby set the scene for an Election date to be announced, within the next ninety days from the date of dissolution. That state of affairs was not surprising, because the alternative was re-opening Parliament which has been on recess and later prorogued for nearly Six months, and there was also a no-confidence Motion pending debate on the Old Order paper, by Karl Hood. So now we are waiting … Continue reading

Planning beyond Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez, the populist leader of Venezuela, could not turn up on January 10 for his swearing-in ceremony as President for a fourth consecutive term. Quite naturally, the doubt that this has created over the governance of Venezuela has thrown the country into turmoil. It has also caused alarm among Caribbean governments that have become dependent on discounted oil and concessionary financing under the Venezuelan-financed Petro-Caribe programme. The question on everyone’s mind is: what will happen with Chavez’s policies domestically, regionally and internationally, and how will change affect them? What is certain is that there will be change whoever succeeds … Continue reading

All weak-hearted should visit the doctor!!!

By Stone Crusher   Grenadians both at home and abroad are waiting with baited breath for the outcome of the general elections set for February 19th, 2013 as announced by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas. One sure thing the country should all know by now is that win, lose or draw – Uncle Tilly would be able to include on his résumé that he was Prime Minister of Grenada and that he was never expelled from any political party. The closest the gang man came to the Sixth Floor in the Botanical Gardens was attending weekly Cabinet meetings until Uncle Tilly … Continue reading

Peter Wickham – Pollster or fraudster?

By Special Correspondent   With our general elections just around the corner, on Monday 28th January, 2013 – a paid messenger of our main opposition delivered what he considers the latest opinion poll, which outlandishly favours them. Peter Wickham, the Director of CADRES – a polling company out of Barbados said a poll he did last week shows an 11% swing in favour of the New National Party (NNP) heading into the February 19th general elections. According to Wickham, the poll shows that most of the people polled do not want to see Tillman Thomas and his team remain at … Continue reading

President Obama: The man unveiled

The speech may have been directed to a domestic United States audience, but in its boldness, its frankness and its inspirational quality, it was a speech to the citizens of the world. In the inauguration speech on January 21 marking his second term as President of the United States, Barack Obama returned to the liberal thinking that summoned people to his support and marked him out as a leader who could take the entire world to a higher place than the religious intolerance, racial bigotry, international suspicion, and discrimination against vulnerable groups in which it has languished. Many people all … Continue reading


Thirty-nine years ago – on the Seventh February 1974 – our Mini-Colony of Grenada received its Independence from Great Britain, to become the Independent State of “Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique” within the British Commonwealth of Nations. Like many other instances since then, we were the “First” of the OECS Islands to receive our Independence – and it came about after a whole lot of struggle and protests, and even loss of lives, and some serious brutality by the “Green Beasts” of Eric Gairy’s Security Forces of those hectic days and nights. And as our political history would confirm, the … Continue reading