Look Poverty! Celebrate?

By William Joseph The period since Independence may well be described as ‘the guilty years’ for a Nation that has not worked seriously at reducing poverty. Public policy has skirted the subject, under-educating the poor and under-financing poverty reduction! So, the womb of poverty remains pregnant from generation to generation. Now, Grenada’s young poor have taken ‘comfort’ in crime, anti-social strikes and lodgings at Richmond Hill! Whereas children in some countries spend their lives in war; here, many children spend their lives in poverty. Even as the evidence mounts and leaders are declared guilty, political parties seeking to form the … Continue reading

Climate Change consequences worsening

The effects of Climate Change, particularly sea-level rise, is an overwhelming problem for the Caribbean that needs urgent attention. Delay in putting in place sustainable plans for resilient building, that could secure international financial support, will cost the region dearly. The problem has become multi-faceted and addressing it requires collaboration among structural and mechanical engineers, accountants, economists, environmentalists and designers of tourism plants. The trick is going to be how to merge defences against sea-surges and flooding with the aesthetics necessary to maintain the Caribbean as a sun, sea and sand destination. 2017 has witnessed back-to-back Category 5 hurricanes that … Continue reading

NDC 30th anniversary celebrated in New York and Grenada

By Helen Grenade The National Democratic Congress (NDC) celebrated its 30th anniversary with many activities held in Grenada and New York to mark the special occasion. Two of the NDC candidates were in New York for the festivities, Mr Adrian ‘Persuader’ Thomas, the caretaker for St David’s constituency, and Ms Claudette Joseph, the caretaker for the town of St George’s. Some of the planned activities included a meet and greet event, a cocktail reception, a fundraising event, church activities and a farewell reception. At an emotional and wide ranging town hall meeting in New York, a lively exchange took place … Continue reading

Mugabe: a Graceful Coup

When independence was finally wrenched from Britain in April 1980, Zimbabwe was described as the “jewel of Africa” by Tanzania’s President Julius Nyerere. Thirty-seven years later, the country is in economic ruin. Its 93-year old leader, Robert Mugabe, has been ousted by the military and is under house arrest after almost four decades of mostly despotic rule, supported, incidentally, by the very military that removed him from office. Caribbean leaders fought for Zimbabwe’s independence, for one-man, one-vote and for an end to white minority rule in what was then Southern Rhodesia. The pantheon of Caribbean leaders included Guyana’s Forbes Burnham, … Continue reading

Cheating the Elections before they are called

By Ray Roberts The public declaration by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell in the Constituency of St. Patrick East, telling the residents that Pamela Moses’ seat will be declared by midday (on election day) followed by Tobias Clement of St. George North East raises suspicion of a rigged General Elections whenever they are called. At a Press Conference in September, the Prime Minister questioned how a party in government – Congress – in control of the election machinery could lose all 15 seats in 2013. Is Dr. Mitchell sending a subtle message that a party is power should never lose … Continue reading

Caribbean governments and private sector should consult on externally imposed rules

The absence of meaningful consultation between governments and private sector organisations in the Caribbean is leading to the implementation of externally-driven laws and regulations that will not serve the region well. This situation is becoming increasingly prevalent in the haste by regional governments to comply with rules set by the Global Forum of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on tax matters and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), both bodies created by the world’s richest developed nations. Threatened by these bodies with the spectre of their jurisdictions being black-listed as ‘non-cooperative’, governments have adopted legislation, established costly regulatory … Continue reading


By J. K. Roberts The Pension Proposal for Public Officers, purported to be submitted to the Public Workers Union (PWU) by the Secretary to the Cabinet of Grenada via letter dated 6th October 2017, must be declared ‘absurd and deceptive and unbecoming’. The Proposal is laced with complications, red-herrings, loopholes and conditionalities; integrating the ‘compensatory’ State pension-benefits with the ‘contributory’ National Insurance Scheme (NIS) pension-benefits. With this inference, the officials of PWU must not consider the proposal; and it should not be expected for them to meet with the Government for discussions on such submissions. It would not be surprising … Continue reading

No winners in secession – in Europe or the Caribbean

Should areas of countries break away and govern themselves as they see fit? That’s a question that has been debated in several parts of the world, and is in focus now between Catalonia and Spain; Scotland and the United Kingdom, and to a lesser extent Barbuda and Antigua. It should be noted that throughout history, communities which have been separated by religion, ethnicity, and distance (most especially water), have experienced movements for separation. In the Caribbean, Anguilla broke away from St Kitts-Nevis in 1971 during the British colonial era; Tobago agitated for years for secession from Trinidad; as recently as … Continue reading

Financial Sense…Are you allergic to money?

You would think the way some people behaved with their money, that they had a money allergy. It’s almost as if they have a production line, as the money comes in it goes out. A fool and his money are soon parted, is an old proverb which speaks directly to the unceremonious way some people dispose of their money – overspending, overindulging, and spending just for the sake of spending. The Good News Translation Bible (GNT), expresses Proverb 21:20 as, “Wise people live in wealth and luxury, but stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it.” While … Continue reading

Insuring the Caribbean’s future

Insurers and re-insurers are facing major losses in the wake of the damage done in the Caribbean and the United States by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. These losses will have a direct and immediate impact on insurance premiums across the entire Caribbean and the Eastern seaboard of the US. Higher building and flood insurance costs coming on top of the costs of rebuilding damaged properties will prove to be too expensive to many home owners and proprietors of businesses. Consequently, even as reconstruction takes place in the several islands that were hammered by these violent storms, there will be … Continue reading