Doctoral student studies archaeology/community in Grenada

By Jonathan Hanna “You want pot-trie? Look, I got loads!” The half-naked man was yelling out the window of a small, dilapidated board-house, shaking a bowl full of prehistoric ceramic sherds. I looked up. “No, no, I’m just trying to find the boundaries of the site, thanks.” The man mumbled something as his face turned sour. “Eh, so ya pay dat man and not me?” A machete appeared next to his bowl of ceramics. I apologised, but he kept yelling as I walked away. The man was right: I did pay the landowner a few dollars to survey a site … Continue reading

Grenada-born lawyer seeks seat on NY Civil Court bench

By John Alexander Derefim Neckles is currently running for Civil Court judge in Kings County’s Sixth Municipal Court District. Neckles was born and raised in Munich, St. Andrew’s in Grenada. She came to the United States and received her bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College and her Juris doctor degree from Miami School of Law. She was admitted to the bar in New York and Florida, and has over 18 years of legal experience in private practice and public service. For the past 13 years, Neckles has been serving as volunteer arbitrator in the Small Claims part of Brooklyn’s Civil Court. … Continue reading

Financial Sense… Fathers Matter!!!

I recently read a book titled “Breeders Not Fathers.” The title of the book disturbed me initially, but I got the point the writer is trying to convey. In the book, the writer sought to distinguish what good fathers do as opposed to what “Breeders” do regarding the rearing of their children. I do have a difficulty with the term “Breeders,” even though some males just sow their seeds for the sake of sowing, with no intention of taking the responsibility that comes along with it. It is my view that our males are in a serious crisis as it … Continue reading

Boycotted for a Knighthood

Geoffrey Boycott is a BBC cricket commentator. He was an England cricketer for 24 years. Over that period, he scored 8,114 runs in 108 Test matches for England and was the first England cricketer to pass 8,000 Test runs. For this accomplishment, he received the award of Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) from Her Majesty The Queen, through the UK National Honours Committee. But, he clearly felt that the award was not of a sufficiently high rank and he merited more. It is not a secret that Boycott hankers after a Knighthood and he has publicly … Continue reading

Review of “The Grenada Revolution – what really happened” by Bernard Coard

By Edward A. C. Frederick, The following is a review of “The Grenada Revolution (Volume 1) – what really happened” by Bernard Coard, which I feel compelled to produce and deliver. I thank the day that I was presented this book as a token of appreciation back in July 2017 by Ms. Shadel Nyack-Compton for partnering with her to motivate and stimulate further consciousness in her entire management team at Belmont Estate – a regionally and internationally recognised eco-tourism entity which delivers way beyond the expectations of all its customers. This book is surely a masterpiece! It can also be … Continue reading


By Kenneth Rijock In a bizarre turn of events, the Citizenship by Investment consultancy whose former manager was charged, by a victim, with demanding a million dollar fee to obtain a diplomatic passport in 2016, has told the Government of Antigua to choose between it, and its primary competitor, accusing Antigua of unspecified misconduct due to its relationship with the competitor, who it is blaming as the sponsor of the articles exposing the diplomatic passport scandal. There is no factual basis for the Henley allegation, and it appears to be a ploy to distract attention from the seriousness of diplomatic … Continue reading

Lessons from India’s partition and Charlottesville’s strife

On August 14 and 15, Pakistan and India, respectively, celebrated the 70th anniversary of their Independence from Britain, a country whose policies, as an occupier, fomented – and then bequeathed to them – the hostile communalism that led to their partition and their continuing antagonism. Religious dissimilarity, as Muslim and Hindu, proved more defining and more divisive than common ethnicity, common culture, common foods and shared history. The invented notion that Muslims and Hindus were two distinct communities and that they rivalled each other for access to economic resources, social development and domination, was deliberately promoted by the British colonial … Continue reading

Financial Sense…Stepping Out on Your Own!!

Passion and purpose, these are two very important and necessary ingredients for my journey through life. I believe if whatever you are doing does not make you happy, then it’s not worth doing. I resigned from a job that held great promises for me, because doing that job and working with some of the people I worked with at the time brought me more dark days, than bright ones. Too many of us are doing jobs or are in careers that bring us no joy, we simply go through the paces because it pays the bills. We all have special … Continue reading

A Financial Plan of Sorts!!!

We can’t all be independently wealthy, but we can all be financially secure – all it takes is a financial plan and a strong commitment to that plan. We cannot take the same attitude towards our financial future as we do towards our New Year’s Resolution. Building a secure financial future starts with creating a sound financial plan. It’s pretty much like building a house: the stronger the foundation the more solid and sturdy the house will be. It does not matter what stage you are at; it only matters that you start and stay on course. Financial planning is … Continue reading

Financial Sense…About raising strong daughters!!!

A woman called me bitch the other day over a comment I made, and I was really amused by it. I was thinking, well she’s not my friend so who gave her the privilege to call me that, so since she was not my friend, I asked her to call me Ms Bitch. I’m a little bit peeved though, not by the name calling, but by the example, we as mothers set, for our daughters. Times have changed drastically from when I was a little girl growing up, I knew how to climb a tree, pitch marbles and generally do … Continue reading