Financial Sense…Does Your Marriage Still Feels Like a Gift?

Ours is a culture of over-tolerance; we tolerate bad behaviour and bad marriages and relationships for far too long. We get praised for sticking it out no matter how bad the situation becomes, and we are criticised if we even have a thought of separation or divorce. Religion, as well as our early socialisation play a big part in defining for us what a good versus a bad marriage or relationship should be. To me, it’s quite simple – one makes you happy, the other one makes you miserable. Why do we stay? There are many reasons and we talk … Continue reading

Meet the young leader from Carriacou shaking up Grenada politics

By Helen Grenade NEW YORK, USA — The Grenada opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) caretaker and candidate for the constituency of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Tevin Andrews, stood in New York at the NDC New York Chapter Day Brunch recently, and declared a new vision for the future. He proclaimed that the youths of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique will govern. There will be work under the new government of the National Democratic Congress, education and health care for all, Grenada would belong to all Grenadians. This was an affirmation, full of hope and the promise of a better life … Continue reading

Principle ten, a Grenada imperative

A local television news item on the evening of June 22, 2017 captioned PRINCIPLE TEN caught the attention of the Sentinel, and on Sunday, June 25, 2017 there was a more in-depth presentation on Chime FM’s Sundays with George Grant (SWGG), when the four presenters – who spoke on behalf of the international (project) co-ordinators, explained in more detail the requirements and benefits of Principle Ten, with special reference to Grenada. What was most interesting however, was that for the entire duration of the June 22nd TV news item, lasting for about 3-4 minutes, a footage was shown of the … Continue reading

Caribbean rights in the OAS: not negotiable

Amid the finger-pointing and blaming over votes at the Organisation of American States (OAS) on matters related to Venezuela, the fundamental problems of the organisation have been overlooked. Sadly, and wrongly, media commentators and armchair experts have chosen to target “Caribbean countries” as the “villains” behind blocking resolutions on the situation in Venezuela. Several of them have credited the draft declaration on which a vote was taken on 19 June to the United States or Peru. The fact is that the draft declaration was a negotiated text, based in large measure, on a draft that was produced by Caribbean Heads … Continue reading

Financial Sense… Are you in a Financially Abusive Relationship?

Pt 2 – Financial Strategies Part 1 of this 2-part series focused on identifying the signs of financial abuse and recognising the need for help. This week we focus on strategies that you can implement to help you move forward. Firstly, I want to make a point for clarity since a reader took Part 1 of the series entirely out of context. These articles are not meant for women to leave their partners, it’s about empowering and allowing women to know that they have the power to own their potential and that they don’t need permission to become independent and … Continue reading

Financial Sense…Are you in a financially abusive relationship?

I was reading an article about how women view their finances based on their different life stages, and usually I don’t read the comments, but I did for this article and one comment really jolted me. The commenter was saying that there are lots of articles about helping women to deal effectively with their finances. However, there is none that deals specifically with women who have been in a relationship for 35 plus years, have never worked and their spouses have checked out emotionally but refuse to leave. And I thought, my gosh how many women are out there in … Continue reading

CARICOM: Pride turned to Gloom

Three weeks ago, I and many other committed Caribbean integrationists, declared that the unity displayed by CARICOM countries at the Organisation of American States (OAS) on May 31 “was a moment for unbridled pride”. What happened on Monday, June 20, just days later, shattered that sense of pride as CARICOM countries not only reversed their unity, but displayed their differences in public on a live internet streaming watched worldwide. The first occasion, as the second, was a ‘Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs’ of the 34-member OAS to discuss the situation in Venezuela. At the meeting on May … Continue reading

Celebrating Fifty Years of Outstanding Community Development through Pan Culture!

By Brian Lindsay Campbell “In ardent memory of Evelyn and Monica Bullen, Dennis “Pannie” James, Arnold “Zorro” Alexander, Joan ”JP” Pivott, Earl “Stray way” Bruno, Randy “Sky” Bruno, Norris “Fix It” Mc Donald, Oswald “Coo Coo Man” Charles, Reynold “Ray” De Coteau, Edwin “Fries” Stiell, Harold “Old Post” Charles and all Commancheros who have Passed on”….. “Who remembers? Aunt Artlyn beating her Enamel plate with a spoon To signal the end of practice saying “Not another note here… Could be the pumpkin, potato, yam or dasheen The Hi or the low the Frank Moore or the Frank Less”…. I remember … Continue reading

Keeping an Eye on the People’s Business

by Sandra Ferguson What is the status of the Grenada Postal Corporation and the Gravel and Concrete? Has the Government of Grenada divested itself of the control and ownership of these State-owned Enterprises? Has it entered into partnership with any other entity or individual? What is Government’s intent? These are some of the queries that citizens of Grenada have been seeking answers to over the last year and a half? Direct questions to the “authorities” have not elicited answers which shed any clarity on the matter. This article notes the references to the Grenada Postal Corporation in a number of … Continue reading

Financial Sense…Seriously Though!!!

I read an article on NOW Grenada by Donella Hosten, where two young and upcoming male leaders were referred to by female names. As I read the story it had me thinking, why do some men in the Caribbean think that being a woman is such a bad thing? Sometimes I get the feeling they think it’s a disease. While there was some public outcry over the comment and some persons even called it distasteful, I simply think that it was disappointing and quite unfortunate. Sometimes, our leaders act irresponsibly and hurt the very constituents they are sworn to protect. … Continue reading